Manninos have been an amazing pizzeria in Smithtown since the year 2000. They have had the greatest cuisines of Italian pizzas. In the year 2009, Mannino’s expanded their space to create an addition which was their restaurant part.


When you first walk into the pizzeria/ restaurant you automatically smell the ruby red tomato sauce. Then when you walk up to the counter or table the smell of the different toppings covered in mozzarella cheese surrounds you making you want more food before you have anything in front of you. Even if you aren’t there for their pizza, all of their restaurant foods are just as good as their pizza.


Manninos always has people in there ordering, picking up, or sitting down and eating epically on Fridays. Every Friday, Mannino’s is either packed with people picking up their food or pizza, or they are all sitting down taking up both sides of the restaurant for dinner. But, on Fridays, it is never just one or the other. There are people eating, filling up both sides, people picking up their orders, and customers ordering their food.


When you order your pizza at the restaurant, you can see them putting the pizza into their ovens. The whole piece of pizza fills you up and tastes delightful. Or when you order your food over the phone they give you a time, for example, it will be 15-20 minutes. They are always finished at the 15 minute mark and the food is still amazing. Finally, when you are eating at the restaurant their service is great, and the food comes quick and delicious.


Their founder Joe and John Mannino moved to the United States from Sicily in 1984. He moved here for a better life and to start his own business. He called his cuisine “deep roots Italian.” When Mannino opened up his first restaurant his food had many homemade recipes and famous American pizzas. All of these recipes have stayed and now taste better than ever.   

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