Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, is under scrutiny for allegedly failing to donate the promised 6 million dollars that were raised for Veteran Charities. However these organizations have reportedly received less than half.


There were 22 groups that Mr. Trump had pledged the money to and only 19 organizations received a total of $2.4 million, this is only 24% of what he promised. Many people are questioning this and wondering if it was just a political stunt.


Hope Hicks, the spokeswoman for the Mr. Trump campaign said “If the media spent half as much time highlighting the work of these groups and how our Veterans have been so mistreated, rather than trying to disparage Mr. Trump’s generality for a totally unsolicited gesture for which he had no obligation, we would all be better for it.” However she refused to comment on how much of the money raised has been distributed or how much each group has received.


The Wall Street Journal, reported that the nonprofit has given only $180,000 to veterans charities in the past decade, this amount is almost nothing to him due to Donald Trump’s net worth of a 4 billion dollars. People are now looking at the Trump Foundations to see if the veteran’s charities get the amount they were promised.

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