Ubers in Pittsburgh are allowing the cities’ peoples to take a ride in their new self-driving cars despite some minor technical difficulties.
Happening right now only in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the new self-driving Ford Fusions are taking a step in the continuing advancements of technology in our society.
The popular Uber service is constantly attracting the cities’ peoples, allowing them to sit in the driver’s seat and experience the feel of a self-driven car. A citizen who took part in the event, after being asked how the explains how scary yet exciting it feels to watch the wheel turn on itself.
The Ford Fusion has a spinning lidar on the top (which is capable of building a 3D view of the car’s surroundings using 1.4 million laser beams) with 20 cameras along with radar modules on the sides and a GPS unit.
As interesting as this sounds, the cars still need a lot of work in order to continue to advance in the future.due to the fact that as of right now, the cars can only go down specific roads including Downtown Pittsburgh. The car currently is also unable to be driven across bridges.
Engineers working on advancing the car will continue to make adjustments and hopefully, create a future with amazing self-driving cars that will go down in history.

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