Delaney Robinson, an eighteen year old sophomore at a North Carolina University, claimed to be raped by a football player last February. While officials are limited on details because of the time gap, we know the incident took place on Valentine’s Day-February 14th- where Robinson was drinking. The alleged assault took place at the Ram Village apartments on UNC’s campus. Robinson claims she was raped and there was an excessive amount of bruising on her neck – but there is no evidence on how it was inflicted.

The involvement evidently revolved around Robinson and football player, Allen Artis, who is also attending North Carolina University. Police are yet to find out the possible motives that could have an underlying factor. The victim didn’t provide information on that note. The investigation is unfortunately yet to be solved. However, getting this far in the process is huge for Robinson. She wanted to gain recognition which she allegedly tried to get since February. She wants to see her accused abuser become prosecuted for his actions. The investigation officially began on September 6th, when police decided to look into Robinson’s accusation against the alleged abuser, Allen Artis. The trial is yet to be held, as officials are seeking to find more evidence before they press charges.

As stated above, police do not yet know what the intention of Artis could have been. They’re positive that there was physical contact but they’re yet to figure out to what extent. Robinson is a major first hand source for the news and as is Artis. They both were there when it happened and regardless of what went down, police can only gather information from what they’re provided with.


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