As you roam the halls of Smithtown High School West all you see is colorful posters for different clubs and activities and you never really stop to read them and you never really know what’s going on. It’s easier to not join clubs when your schedule is so busy then to join everyone to see which is right for you.

Every month West Bull’s Eye will be featuring a different club so you can get to know as many as possible. Starting of course with ours.

If you want to help spread the school news and and let everyone know what’s going on at West we have our student life section that anyone can help with.

If you enjoy engaging in arguments about political figures or ranting about topical issues feel free to join us and write about these important news topics.

If you like sports, movies, music, or anything in the entertainment field you can write about any of these categories as well.

Viewpoints. Reviews. In-depth topics. Any topic you can think of you can write about.

If you prefer photography or filming and editing videos we have room for you there too. We have a video room and a news desk where we can do filming and editing. We will soon be starting to do morning announcements and broadcasting as well.

If any of this interests you then you should join the journalism club, the Bull’s Eye, on alternating Thursdays in E302. Announcements about the Bull’s Eye club are posted on their twitter, and all the articles and videos are posted on their website,

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