As My aunt and I stroll through the streets of Brooklyn Heights taking in the views of the beautiful day in historic Brooklyn, New York, we had time to catch up. My aunt is Diane Crespo. Born and raised in Bayside, Queens her whole life and she has always had a strong interest in film making.

Now she is a movie producer who has produced award winning films such as Arranged and Clutter. “How are you titi Diane,” ‘titi’ is saying aunt Diane with a Puerto Rican twist since we are both Puerto Rican. “Chris I am just Fantastic!”  Diane has always had a very positive and laid back attitude.

I then began to question her about how her film making career all started. “It all started back in 1997 when I founded Cicala with Stefan.” Stefan Schaefer is her partner and his sister Karen is Diane’s girlfriend who she lives with. Cicala Filmworks is their company they started back in 1997. They have produced many movies together and have been successful.

Currently, Diane is working with the Rockefeller Foundation on a documentary about how people live domestically and foreign countries in poorer areas. “It is fascinating to see how other people live and what they have to do to sustain their lives. Recently when I was in Greece we went to a small village and it hit me hard. I did not know how grateful I really was.” Diane has been to Greece, Italy, and South Africa so far. The Rockefeller Foundation plans to send her to other places as well.

As were walking we stopped at her toy shop on Atlantic Avenue. She and Karen run a high end toy store called Acorn. Acorn attracts some lucrative clients as well. “Just last week I had to go into the back and get something, and as i come out I hear someone ask me for help. It was Usher! It was crazy he caught me so off-guard.” Diane also claims that Beyonce’s ‘people’ came in looking for a toy for Blue Ivy. She likes to make jokes but, she seemed serious this time.

Diane is always traveling and doing something out of the ordinary. “Due to this upcoming movie I’ve been going around the world lately. In general in my field of work I’m always running around and doing a lot of little things just to make sure everything’s perfect. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a day like this. Spending quality time with my nephew.” Diane always has this way to make you laugh. The tone in her voice sounds like she’s messing around with you but, she really does mean that. She’s always the first to make a joke. She kept getting me off topic from what I really wanted to ask. That’s how she works, always keeping you distracted.

Her upcoming movie is set to be released sometime next year and she is ecstatic about it. “I really think it will be something people will take interest in. It will open people’s eyes and I can’t wait for it to be released.” I had one final question before I left. Back in 2007 when she came out with Arranged, I was actually in the movie. Although I was only an extra, it felt good to see myself on the big screen. “When can I get a speaking role titi?” She responded with, “[laughs] One day Christopher, one day.”    

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