Anyone who went to Safe Halloween knows what the National Art Honors Society is whether they know it or not. They are the stars of Safe Halloween. The National Art Honors Society or NAHS for short creates a themed haunted house in the art room every year for Safe Halloween. This becomes everyone’s favorite part of the day and NAHS’ biggest project of the year.

The students work for days planning ideas and themes to ensure every year is better than last. Then they spend weeks painting murals and making sets to make the art room as scary as possible. The day of they spend hours setting up and getting in costume just before kids, students, and adults come through. And lastly as everyone comes through they spend their time scaring everyone and having fun themselves!

But safe halloween isn’t all they do. The National Art Honors Society does all they can with their artistic talent to better the community. If you have artistic talent and any of this sounds interesting then maybe applying for the National Art Honor Society come next year might be a good idea for you!


Photos by Nicole Varone

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