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Even though retail gets a bad reputation, here are some things that make the job worthwhile:


  • Ignoring the greeters when they ask you if you need help looking for anything or even a simple “Hi, how are you?”
  • After spending an hour or two of refolding already folded shirts, it is so rewarding when the customer shoves and throws the shirts just to find the one size we don’t have.
  • Explaining promotions to uninterested people as they walk through the store and then having to re- explain to them that what they picked out is not part of the sale is always so satisfying!
  • Oh, and you can’t forget about those temper tantrums customers kids throw when they aren’t allowed get the overstuffed animal that will most likely just sit in their closet until they move out.
  • With holiday shopping now upon us, price adjustments are our favorite! We just love going into the system and changing the price on every single item you’ve purchased just because you forgot to come in on a day where there was a huge sale.
  •  Yelling at the workers about prices of items is what it’s all about because obviously we can control our prices, not corporate!
  • Also, please give me your feedback on how you think that shirt is ugly even though I can’t control the designs that are shipped to the store.
  • And lastly, the wonderful playlist of music that plays throughout the store. I love folding clothes listening to the same five songs on repeat for 4 hours straight!

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