Eaglebrook, New Hampshire

Mr. Booker’s entire 11th grade English class is stressed because of their 5 reports that are due by the end of the day. Although the 5 reports were spaced out evenly, giving students ample time to complete each assignment on a low-stress level, every single student in the class procrastinated the reports until the due date. “Yeah, we should have done it, but I had just re-downloaded Candy Crush, so I think you know which felt more important to me.” Says one student. Another reported that she was going to do it, but then she fell asleep in class instead.

The teacher, unknowingly, proceeded to let his class know on Friday that every report would be due by the end of the day Monday. According to students, his words were, “It shouldn’t be too much work for you guys, since I’ve given you basically the whole quarter to do them all.” One student reports that upon this announcement, almost every student’s faces dropped and everyone exchanged nervous glances with each other, mouthing things such as “I didn’t do any of them, did you?” and “I think I did one, but I’m not even sure if I finished it to be honest.”

At press time, every student from Mr. Booker’s 9th period class was fighting over the computers in the library, one was crying in the corner while scribbling gibberish in their “writer’s notebook”, and every student in the class was considering ditching other classes just to finish the rest of the reports.

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