In one of the strangest blunders in Oscar history it doesn’t seem that any hard feelings were held. During the presentation of the Oscar for best picture, there seemed to have been a mixup that shocked everybody watching. “La La Land” had been announced as the winner for best picture, when it was actually “Moonlight” that had won.

After Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty had accidently announced that “La La Land” had been the winner of the Oscar it seemed to be a joyous moment for all the directors and producers involved in the movie’s production. After an acceptance speech began, a man ran across the stage and went up to Jordan Horowitz, the director of “La La Land”, explaining the mistake. After this Jordan Horowitz went up to the mic stating that “Moonlight” was the actual winner and that this was “Not a Joke”.

After all of the commotion on stage began to simmer down a bit, Jimmy Kimmel went back on stage to try and lighten the mood a little by pointing towards Warren Beatty and saying, “Warren, What did you do?”. After the mistake was made the directors of “La La Land” had not held any grudge and congratulated the director of “Moonlight”.

It was later revealed to not have been Warren or Faye’s fault, but instead a mistake with the envelopes claiming that they were given the envelope that said Emma Stone La La Land which was actually the envelope for best actress award. They were given the backup envelope for the best actress award rather than the envelope for best picture. After this blunder Warren apologized and later did the academy stating how it was not Warren’s fault this happened.

90 Years later and something like this has never happened before. Afterwards Emma Stone had said to the press “I think it’s an incredible outcome, but a very strange happening for Oscar history”.

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