The halls of Smithtown West were bustling with excited students from schools across the district, grades 4 through 8, on Thursday, March 16th, when the Math Honor Society hosted their 13th annual math fun night. With a plethora of intriguing activities in all three cafeteria’s, the library, and throughout the halls, it was an undoubtedly dominating school event.

Being Math Honor Society’s largest event during the course of the year, a lot went into the setup. At club meetings, members are able to determine a group and activity to run. After positions are discussed, advisors and officers of the honor society design a map and floor plan.  There were also a variety of innovative students who went the extra mile and created their own, unique stations like sand tables and even hovercrafts.   

Another factor that had to be considered was advertisement. Because this event reaches out to schools across the district, you would expect it’s promotion to be difficult; however, the turnout is extremely successful every year. Not only are teachers from all Smithtown schools notified well in advance, but there are also a variety of great incentives offered to students that attend such as free food and a free raffle ticket.

Mr. Robinson, a supervisor of Math Honor Society, described the overall purpose of math fun night: “The event is organized to demonstrate the ubiquitous use of mathematics in our world. By presenting mathematics to younger students through recreational, hands-on activities, we hope to foster a greater appreciation for mathematics in their future studies.”

Ultimately, math fun night can be described as nothing other than a huge success. It is a great way for students to discover their passion and excitement in the field of mathematics. If you haven’t had the experience yet, it is definitely encouraged that you attend next year and see for yourself how much fun you can have when you experiment with math!

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