You know that feeling when you’re laying on the beach on a beautiful summer day and the sun’s warm rays slowly soak into your skin? You know that feeling you get when you wake up and realize you have three more hours of sleep left?  How about the feeling of your teacher handing you back an A+ on that test you’ve spent months studying for?

Well, the first bite of a sweet, sugary dough, lathered in cinnamon and rich icing, I assure you, will exceed your wildest dreams. Your tongue will dance, your eyes will brighten, and your stomach will thank you profusely. Cinnabon will indisputably be the best tasting food you will ever encounter in your life.

Not only does “the world famous cinnamon roll” have the most amazing taste, but, by far, the most alluring aroma you will ever inhale in the course of your life. Honestly, I am probably one of the worst people to get directions from, but that exquisite fragrance never fails to lead me straight to the gates of heaven. The power behind that potent scent nearly makes it tangible; cinnamon twirled with sugar lifts your senses like they are floating on cloud nine. The scent is a siren, coaxing you to buy this “heart-attack waiting to happen” dessert, and its enchanting melodies are simply irresistible.

The only, real downside of this gift from God is that it is 880 calories. On one of my many encounters with heaven on earth, I conversed with the young man at the front of the cinnabon stand. In my gleaming smile, my excitement was evident while I raved to him about the delicious product he was selling. He, of course, agreed with me (because honestly how can you not?) about the mouthwatering delicacy, however, he said that he rarely eats them. This was, I must admit, difficult for me to digest. How is it possible to have so much self-control around something so enticing and addicting? How can one withstand its beckoning powers? As if the word horror had been written on my forehead, he immediately explained that he doesn’t eat Cinnabon often because he is very involved in soccer and it slows him down. I replied with a solemn, “Oh, I understand,” but that was a lie. I could not understand. In fact, to me, it was incomprehensible. I was so terribly hypnotized by its grandeur. If I had to take away one thing from this encounter, it would be that the calories are worth it. Don’t let anything stop you from living your life. Honestly, what even is life without Cinnabon?

Unfortunately, I almost found out what life was like without the glorious treat. About a year ago, my mom and I were finishing up shopping at the mall and I was, of course, ready to make my final pit stop to my home away from home: Cinnabon. The time was approximately 5:02 pm, and I was beyond ready to indulge in my favorite snack. I then told my mom I couldn’t wait any longer so I skipped down the yellow brick road all the way to the stand (which, in reality, was just me speed walking to the store next door).  Anyway, I confidently approached the counter, money in hand, when I heard the three most dreaded words in the English language: “We are closed.” Completely forlorn and in denial, I mustered the words, “Are you sure?” I then waited for the devil to solemnly respond: “Yes, we close at 5 pm.”  To this day, I still ponder this response because happy hour begins at 5, and this was definitely a time of undeniable tragedy.

Two minutes. Two minutes is all it can take to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. So, I encourage you to inhale the aroma, embrace each and every calorie, and most importantly, check the store hours online.

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