Democratic Candidate William Holst Runs for Town Supervisor

William (Bill) Holst, former military journalist,  President of the School Board in Smithtown, Director of the Greater Smithtown Chamber of Commerce, and part of the Suffolk County Legislature, has decided to run for the position of Town Supervisor in Smithtown, New York once more.


Being the candidate of the Democratic, Working Families, and Women’s Equality parties, Mr. Holst is no stranger to government positions and running for those positions. His group, Smithtown Forward, focuses on exactly that: moving the town in a more progressive direction. Bill grew up in Smithtown, graduating from Smithtown Central High School in 1970. Currently, Holst lives with his wife in Nesconset, and has two children who also attended Smithtown schools. When he does happen to have free time, Mr. Holst spends time with his family. He has held multiple positions on the school board, most noteworthy is his position as President of the board itself. One of Holst’s favorite businesses in Smithtown is the “Old Dock Inn,” as he likes how it is “a unique place in Smithtown.”


Bill believes that Smithtown is very unique due to how great the school systems are in the district. He believes “we are very fortunate to have so many good school districts,” and he believes “living in a New York Metropolitan area… it gives you an advantage.” Holst believes he’s a better choice in this race compared to his opposition due to his “track record” and that he is prepared to move Smithtown forward. One issue in particular that Mr. Holst believes needs to be fixed soon is the “downtown revitalization,” as it’s “on a whole lot of people’s minds.” He believes this election needs to be won on his side or nothing will change, according to Holst.


Mr. Holst is facing off against Kristen Slevin, an independent candidate, and Ed Werheim, candidate of both the Conservative and Republican parties. If you’d like to learn more about Bill Holst and the Smithtown Forward group, check out his ad for News 12 at or check out his website and possibly donate to him.

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