Throughout the beginning of the school year, West’s College Business and Communications class, held by Ms.Cynthia Wood, has been busy. Each day, students have been assertively assembling clips that will be edited to form the school’s Pep Rally video! There has been tremendous cooperation and coordination between students and teachers throughout this process. The theme of the video is to show how West’s students and staff have all coalesced into one big family.
The videos include students and faculty members chanting messages that positively showcase the school’s bond. Additionally, you see each graduating class represent pride for their year and to be a student at West. Some of the following include but are not limited to: “West Side Pride!” “Let’s go Bulls!” “We’re Seniors!” etc.
This isn’t just done by students – which is where the real collaboration comes into play. Many of the videos are of classes that teachers have been gracious enough to let students film during their period. The class works together to assemble how they want to appear in the video. The creation of our classmates has been outstanding, which will be clear in the final video. Students and teachers have coordinated jumping up at different times, holding up signs, hiding and abruptly appearing, etc.
Furthermore, each of West’s sports teams as well as several clubs and other extracurricular groups, have also participated in this. In their videos, they are all in uniform(if it applies), and displaying their love and dedication for their team mates and for their sport/activity.
Conclusively, the class would like to thank everyone for their participation and hard work to really make this project excel. It was a very successful and engaging activity that was highly captivated among students and the staff.

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