The Hate U Give (aka THUG) gives a modern day time stance on issues such as police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. In THUG the main character, Starr, witnesses her childhood friend, Khalil, get shot by a white police officer when Khalil was innocent. This stems off to show how society handles Khalil’s death, how Starr handles being a witness to his death and all other factors that come with growing up in Starr’s community. THUG allows for readers to get a new perspective on what it is like to be a witness and to be so closely related to the victims that we see on television every day.


As I read this book, I instantly became intrigued by both the plot and characters. The author, Angie Thomas, creates a beautiful story of love and tragedy. We witness the struggle of Starr switching between her two lives in her community and the private school she goes to. We see individually how Starr’s parents react to Starr’s sudden widespread involvement in the Black Lives Matter movement. The family aspects are greatly shown and demonstrate how they affect the development of each character. The reader also witnesses the horror of riots and shootings of both Khalil and her friend from when she was a child. While what I mentioned was limited, the story becomes extremely complex and is strung together wonderfully. I was captivated by the story as it is something I never had to witness or experience. I found myself to be emotionally connected to the story and gave both sympathy and light-hearted happiness at times.


Recently, it was announced that this book would be made into a movie, starring Amandla Stenberg, which is to be released on October nineteenth. Obviously, I have not seen the movie yet, however, I am looking forward to it and I expect to be impressed with the book to movie adaptation presented. The new factor of the movie will give readers even more of a reason to read this book and be enlightened by the story. As well, if people do not favor reading, they will be able to witness this beautiful story through media production.


Overall, I believe that people of all ages and backgrounds should read this book as there is something that everyone can learn from the story. No matter who you are, what your opinions are or how you were raised, read a copy of this book, enlighten and educate yourself. Maybe this book will change your thoughts. Maybe it will reassure your thoughts. But this story will make you think. The Hate U Give has enlightened me; it allowed me to see a side of life that I have never experienced and, for that, I am truly grateful.

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