Mario Odessey

Ever since the Nintendo announced the New Super Mario Odyssey for the switch, fans of the Mario universe were super excited for this game. It would feature mechanics never seen before and environments that staggered the imagination. It would be a Mario game style we haven’t seen in a very long time and the fans were happy with the amazing result. So let’s-a-go and see what Nintendo’s fans have been waiting on.


Mario (as per usual) is rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding (a forced one at that) but it turns out to be a lot harder than it would appear to be. He’s sent flying off into another kingdom where you meet a new friend named Cappy. He’s your helping partner through out the adventure acting as your Hat, so mostly your playing as Mario and his signature cap on. As you go along you’ll need to collect Moons, these help you power up a ship called the Odyssey, a ship shaped like a hat that can travel around the entire globe. Your journey will consist of going to different kingdoms, battling certain foes, meeting the citizens of each Kingdom, and collecting enough (or a lot) of moons to power up your ship and take back the Princess.


During your adventure you’ll encounter a lot of Moons, these moons act like the predecessors of Shine sprites from Mario Sunshine, or the Stars from Mario Galaxy. You’ll end up finding tons of them scattered around the worlds, either being trapped inside an enemy, doing a small little challenge, or just find them lying about in the open. But there are also other things to get as well. Purple coins can be found inside this game, like the blue coins from Mario Sunshine, they don’t buy you Moons but they do buy you souvenirs and other clothing options. This game supports the fact of customization to the max, you can wear a football getup, a New York attire, a Knight’s armor, this game has all the clothes you can ever want. Aside from that you can find a bunch of coins from the Mario universe, and you can buy cloths and other things with them (like that’s any different from money concepts).


Characters from each kingdom are more unique than the last from design to their origins. They’re designs are basically matching to their environments so it’s noticeable which kingdom they hail from and where they are visiting. Most of the time they’ll ask a certain “favor” for you to accomplish, from herding sheep to knocking off some posters off some wall. Most are interesting and most are…..questionable. It’s pretty hard to explain, you’ll just have to play the game to find out yourself.


Kingdoms of the Mario Universe are very interesting, well designed, and all out enjoyable for a good time. A kingdom that’s most noticeable in this game is a place called New Donk City, a reference to New York City, but done in a style we couldn’t imagine to be done. The entire city is based on Mario’s first outing as a character, known as “Jumpman” back in 1981 on a game console known as Donkey Kong, and jumping into the name Mario today! It’s even more memorable from the people that live in this kingdom, there’s Pauline, a character we haven’t really seen in forever in the Mario universe. She’s the mayor of New Donk City and it’s so fitting to see that, seeing these old time characters back in action in a 3D super Mario game brings joy and wonder to the people that have lived this long to see this marvelous nostalgic moment between old classical characters, restyled into this new game for a portable console.


This game holds many secrets and lovable moments that it’s too good to share on just one review. In Conclusion Mario Odyssey is an amazing game to play, experience, and buy for the Switch, but that raises the question: will this be the final Mario game we will ever receive? It’s still hard to say for the very least, although this game does hold a few cards in its hand that say “this is the end” but well just have to wait and see. But let’s not think on that, if you really want to experience this game, I suggest you buy it now. This game is absolutely breathtaking and I suggest you play this for both the experience, and for a wonderful time to see your favorites back in action.

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