After five months of convincing the online world he had undergone a dramatic plastic surgery procedure, Alexis Stone reveals on January 1, 2019 that it was nothing but a hoax.


Stone announced to his followers and fans across social media that he would be undergoing undergoing “a dramatic change physically and mentally” on September 5, 2018.


Working with Oscar award winning makeup artist, David Marti, created multiple, ultra-real prosthetic masks to play the part of Alexis’ new face.


Keeping up with the hoax— which people across social media are calling “the gag of the year”—Alexis Stone continued to update his Instagram, even posting updates on October 17, 2018 captioned “Consultation done! Time for the surgery!”


Stone also posted pictures of himself seemingly lying in a hospital bed, with the caption claiming to be posted by a friend announcing that the surgery went well.


As a result of the photos with his “new face,” Stone recieved many hateful comments including: “Jesus… this makes me sad”, “Why did you do this.”, “This is terrifying”, and “I thought the point of plastic surgery was to look better…well..”.


Stone has always received hateful comments on posts and has repeatedly called “botched” for his singular cosmetic alteration of botox in his cheeks, so he decided to push the limits with this plan, which was first thought of all the way back in June, 2018.


Alexis held up his scheme for months, continuously posting videos on his Youtube such as reveal video and even a “get ready with me” styled vlog as he put makeup on top of the mask acting as if it was his skin.


More popularly known for his drag persona, Alexis Stone, Manchester, England based Elliot Rentz has become internet famous—as well as shown across multiple networks and medias—for his makeup skills that allow him to virtually transform his face into anyone.


While “recovering from surgery,” Stone continued to upload transformation videos to his Instagram, claiming that they were pre-recorded.

In an interview with Gay Times, Stone revealed that he did not intend for it to be a social experiment, but rather claimed:“‘I wanted to reinvent myself in a way where I could take a step back away from the most toxic thing in my life, which is social media, focus on sorting myself out, my health, my sobriety, and to demonstrate what I’m all about.’”

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