Hurricane Tragedy Affects The Mental Health Of Citizens In The Bahamas.

On August 24th, 2019, the Bahamas was hit with a category 5 hurricane named “Dorian.” It is considered to be the most powerful hurricanes that struck the Bahamas on record. This hurricane caused five thousand people to evacuate the islands, and killed at least 50 people. Not only did this hurricane cause destruction to multiple communities with floods and high wind speeds, it also affected the mental health of the public in the Bahamas.


 According to AP News, the tragedies of Hurricane Dorian left people in shock due to the amount of destruction it caused. A woman and her husband stayed on top of a dresser for two days because their house was flooded. Alone in his home, a man stayed in his wheelchair for forty-eight hours with water up to his chest. Because of the mass destruction, people are calling it “Category Hell”. 


As of now, mental health counselors are traveling to different communities in the Bahamas to help support the people whose lives have been affected. Pastor Robert Lockhart of Calvary Temple in Grand Bahama stated that people need to share their emotions and their feelings about the mass destruction that the hurricane has caused. 


Mental Health Professionals are beginning to open up clinics in places that have been hit the worst to assist people with medical injuries and mental health. Specialists are saying that it will take weeks, even months, to get a toll on the people that have been affected mentally. 


The mass destruction that has occurred in the Bahamas has people in shock and affected them mentally. Because of destroyed homes and communities, people are feeling hopelessness and believe this is an irreversible fix. Perhaps, the help of the counselors could give people hope and confidence that the damage that was caused will be situated with time. 

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