NBA 2K20 is a game replica of the real NBA. Every year they come out with a new game. Each year comes with new improvements and sometimes new game modes. Some game modes are MyTeam, MyCareer, Play now, WNBA, and MyLeague. The graphics are the best they ever have been, the game looks so realistic. They also added new controls, like new types of layups and jump shots. NBA 2K20 is a good game in my opinion. 

Game modes are the main part of the game. There are so many game modes to play so you have plenty of options to play. The newest game mode added to 2K20 is WNBA. The WNBA is Women’s basketball. The best part about it is that the specific presentation it shows. For example, there are announcers specifically for the WNBA games which is cool. Some people this that the WNBA gameplay is better than the NBA because the players fit better on the virtual court. The commentary team is decent of Blake Suniga, Tim Swartz, and Brian Banifatemi. They all have great knowledge of basketball. There is some room for improvements like playing against people online with the players or playing MyTeam with the WNBA players.

Two other game modes that made a big hit in this year’s game are Myteam and MyCareer. MyCareer came with some new features and the new story mode. The story mode was great. From the voice acting to the story itself makes people more engaged in the game. The MyCareer grind is much shorter this year with getting to 99 is much easier. You don’t have to spend money in this game on VC to get to 99 quicker because it’s much shorter but more purpose. 2K20’s objective this year was to make multiple builds that hit 99. But if you do not play as well in a couple of games in a row your overall can decline. MyTeam has come with a couple of new features this year. MyTeam is Stacked. The new cards keep people very anxiously waiting for the next card drop. But also the base that they laid down for this year is crazy good.    

   MyLeague went nearly untouched. Myleague is an awesome experience, but there is nothing new in this year’s game. It’s been so strong in recent years that it can go a year without an upgrade. It was just the graphics that got the major upgrade in this year’s game which looks so realistic. Hopefully, this is the last year that MyLeague goes untouched because it is a great game mode. You build and restructure an NBA team.  

   The visuals improve again. NBA 2K20 is the best visual appealing of the series since 2K14. The lighting, renders, tattoos, hairstyles, neighborhood, and MyCareer cutscenes have come with style as many of these elements have been in the past games. There are also more animations to help the game feel more realistic and cool. The gameplay is more physical and realistic. There is a completely different feel with the guards v. the big man. No longer can a 7’1” basically immobile center keep up with a guard on the perimeter. Now it’s more realistic, which is just a big mismatch. 

   NBA 2K20 did a good job making it a replica of the NBA. They improved and added new parts of the game to make it more fun and smoother to run. 2K20 is the best online game to play with your friends. You can either play MyTeam with your friends or play randoms. You also can play MyCareer with your friends then versus random opponents across the world. NBA 2K20 is a great game to play with your friends. From the graphics to the game modes makes this game a top self game to play. 

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