Technology keeps evolving every day, even now as we speak. Making the daily lives of individuals easier by aiding them in daily actions.  There are side effects contributed to every new invention so of course some would be in technology. Most of the time the side effects are not marketed in the media  or not harmful, but the new network that some governments are pushing to put out in the world well, some of the side effects are worth shining light to. The new innovation : “The 5G network” Many sources who commercialize the “5G network” mention that it will benefit the citizens when it will only truly benefit their companies.

   Many foreign governments are adding the network into their  government system. Claiming it will give them more national security and power but they are missing one major problem the head of the 5G network at the current moment is Huawei. To have the network installed the company Huawei will have all access to your national security and government data. Britain is one of the countries to take the 5G network to their system. Britain came out with a statement last Tuesday that it would not ban equipment made by the giant Chinese company, from being used in its new high-speed 5G wireless network. The US has strongly advised against the 5G network so it created mixed reactions from Britain’s statement. Some may say that the 5G network is part of a “cold tech” war between nations. The whole topic of the network sparks controversy in different countries.

     The British government states that there are a set of rules that the company has to follow and it won’t get more than 35% in its shares because it is a “ high risk” vendor. Even with these compromises other countries and the current president don’t feel that 5G is safe. According to U.S. government authorities, equipment made by Chinese companies, such as Huawei and ZTE, could give China the ability to vacuum up all of the information that passes through it – including sensitive diplomatic, military, and commercial information – and to remotely disrupt U.S. wireless infrastructure in times of conflict. As Americans become increasingly dependent on 5G-capable services, a disruption of 5G networks could cause significant harm to U.S. national security, the U.S. economy, and the health and safety of American citizens.

     The new network in contrast also  includes many benefits like much higher data speeds, enabling consumers to download files more quickly. 5G also has a much lower latency allowing users to experience less delay when using the network that it isn’t even noticeable to the naked eye. You have even stronger benefits  of the network when you’re closer to the cellular towers. Many companies like “Intel” that support 5G, market the importance of being close to those towers for greater data reception. What the company doesn’t market is the fact that this new type of network contains a lot of new harmful radiation. Radiation that could potentially affect your DNA if a person has long term exposure to the towers. The 5G network uses between 24-90 gigahertz frequency Which are harmful to living organisms in short distance away from the towers giving off the radiation. Not only that but the cost of installing the network is higher than the networks before. In 2010 when consumers were rolling out of 3G into 4G there weren’t any major additional charges for switching networks. Now, with 5G it will charge up consumers up to $50 a month the company “Verizon” states. As mentioned before, there were data networks before 5G for example 3G and 4G . The previous networks all contained cellular towers. There is a potential risk of overcrowding of “Radio Frequency” by how many towers would be installed when adding the 5G networking structures. All of the structures/towers over previous years to now would be giving out radiation. 

   The process of installing 5G cellular towers has already started in the United States. An example would be in Denver where they are “ripping up” streets  installing pole like structures (cellular towers). Many residents complained about where they were being installed and that the towers are interfering with  public and private living places. Many residents are concerned with their health and safety. People in Denver addressed strong complaints about the towers. But how big of an impact is complaining going to solve the conflict of the spread of 5G ? There are many petitions online that individuals could sign to take action or take personal health precautions toward these towers. But if a united front doesn’t stand against the 5G network and present the current issues that the network brings the deployment of 5G in the near future won’t stop.

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