Life goes on

In a matter of a few months, Covid-19 became one of the worst pandemics our world has ever seen. People are becoming infected in large numbers every day and unfortunately, most people don’t win their battle against this virus. However, the people infected with the disease aren’t the only ones impacted by the virus. Whether you have lost a loved one, or find yourself struggling to make ends meet now that you can’t work, or you had an event canceled that you were really looking forward to, Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives. Since the virus started spreading, no one has been able to live their normal life of going to school/work, seeing family and friends, or even just leaving the house to run errands. I’ve noticed big changes in my daily life since the quarantine and it’s really put the severity of this pandemic into perspective for me.

  • I drink seven cups of tea each week in order to relieve stress.
  • I spend approximately five hours per day hanging out with my family, which is more than before the virus spread.
  • I spend three hours a day on school work as opposed to the seven-hour school day I used to have.
  • I spend approximately three hours a day on my phone due to increased boredom.
  • I changed my outfit approximately three times each week due to increased laziness.
  • I spend one hour each day going outside to exercise each day to stay in shape.
  • I lost one family member during this time and wasn’t able to say goodbye properly.

This time is difficult for all of us now since we’re not able to go about our normal schedules and routines. Whether you have been personally affected by the virus or not, this is a problem that we all must face. But we can’t do it alone. As human beings, we all must learn to adapt to this change and continue to live our lives despite the circumstances. We must learn to alter our lifestyles in order to stay healthy while continuing to be productive during this time. Because while staying safe and healthy is most important at this time, we also need to continue with our lives as best we can so that we can transition back to normal once the virus stops spreading. Even though we’re all confined in our homes, life goes on and we need to make the best of it by staying productive, staying active, and taking the precautions that are necessary in order to stop the spread of Covid-19.


During this quarantine, I feel as if I have a completely different life now from my lifestyle to my relationships with friends and family, and the way I handle my school work.


Number of New Movies Watched: 2

Last week, I decided to watch two new movies, two nights in a row. I watched The Shawshank Redemption and Inception. Both movies were incredible, as they are considered to be some of the greatest movies ever. I really enjoyed both of them and will probably watch them for a second time soon.

Number of Pool Games Played with my Brothers and Dad: 25+

Before the quarantine, my family and I rarely used our pool table, however over the last few weeks we’ve developed some serious competitive nature amongst ourselves. The games keep getting better and better.


Number of New Television Shows Binged: 1

My brother and I decided to binge-watch The Mandalorian together as we both love Star Wars. I gave its rating an 8/10 as I expected more from it based on reviews, but I was still pleased.


Number of Drives Taken: 6 

I frequently go for drives around town to get out of the house a little bit. I drive by Smithtown West every time I go for a ride in hopes we go back soon. I usually circle back home and then go to the other side of town from where I live. After a while of listening to music and wasting some gas, I finally go home.


Number of New Songs Learned on Guitar: 3 

Most do not know I have a passion for music and playing my guitar. With not much to do, I have been trying to learn a few new songs here and there. I have learned “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin, “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar, and “Going to California” also by Led Zeppelin. Sadly, two weeks ago my learning was stopped due to the breaking of my high E string. I have not gotten around to ordering a new set of strings, but maybe I will tonight?


Before and During Coronavirus Pandemic, In Numbers

Since the coronavirus outbreak, numbers throughout society have changed drastically. What do I mean by that? The week of April 27, the United States has passed more than 1 million known coronavirus cases according to CNN. Throughout New York City, there has been a 2,367% increase in unemployment claims and a 7% decrease in trash collection. In the course of this outbreak, numbers have been alternating every day.

During my time of being in quarantine for 6 weeks, I’ve noticed a change throughout my everyday routine. Personally I haven’t been keeping a proper schedule meaning, I’ve been going through day by day not knowing what will happen. Thousands of people have been trying their best to stay productive and active during this quarantine. The number of times I have been on social media, talking with relatives, spending more time with my pet, working out, and learning new songs on my instrument has skyrocketed.

Every morning and throughout my day I’ve been spending more time with my pet bird. I’ve realized that before this pandemic I haven’t been giving her the attention she needs. On average, birds need 6 to 7 hours a day over the course of a week. However, I’ve only given her about 2 hours a day. Recently, I’ve been playing with her throughout my entire day making sure she has what she needs. Taking care and loving pets during this time can help with stress and anxiety.

During my mornings I also get some physical activity to make sure I stay active. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, the only chance I would get to have some sort of activity was during gym class in school for 40 minutes; due to the fact that I was so busy with school work and other classes. Since I’ve been home I’ve been able to work out and get a chance to stay healthy. Currently, 2 hours of exercise every other day has been my goal. This has increased my confidence and kept me staying healthy since schools are currently closed.

Not only have I been keeping busy with pets and exercise but as well as my electronic devices. My laptop, cellphone, and television screentime have increased in the past 6 weeks.  On average my daily screen time has been 22 hours and 48 minutes. Before this pandemic, my daily screen time was normally 10 to 12 hours. I averagely open Instagram, Snapchat, IMessage, FaceTime, YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok over 20 times a day while being in quarantine. Before, I normally paced myself with the number of times I’ve spent on my phone to keep my sleeping schedule in check; however,  I’m no longer on a normal schedule.

Since I’ve been on my phone, I’ve been able to reconnect with old friends and talk to family members more often. Previously, I would only talk to a few close friends throughout my day, recently I’ve reconnected with 4. I have a chance to talk with them on Skype and FaceTime almost every day for hours.

I wouldn’t consider myself a musician; however, I decided to pick up an old hobby during the quarantine. The last time I practiced on my ukulele was the summer of 2019. I then stopped, thinking it was too difficult or I wouldn’t have time to learn new songs. Recently, I’ve learned 3 songs over the course of a week. I was satisfied and proud that I still remembered a few songs and chords.

Since this pandemic, I’ve been able to do a lot, as well as keep up with my school work. Keeping myself productive can help me stay positive during my quarantine. What positive or negative changes have you experienced?


Numbers That Show How Corona Has Changed My Life


My life has never looked so unlike itself. Deserted streets and vacant basketball hoops. Neighborhood kids playing Xbox alone instead of hooping in the front yard. Mandatory quarantine has made life more challenging.

But outside of the changes, we can see right away there are other lifestyle shifts that reflect the changes in my life that have emerged within the last month.

My friend’s list on Xbox, of course, is up, and the numbers are staggering. With the state’s shutdown extended until at least May 15, it is a desperate attempt for my friends to keep busy and an escape from going insane.

But some of the data shows hope for my senior year. While hundreds of schools were forced to close, the rate of me getting closer with old friends through Xbox has skyrocketed. My anxiety about missing old buddies and potential regret is down. While Also my newly reinvigorated friendships have skyrocketed in rate.

34 People- Increase in my Xbox online friends

During the week of March 22, nearly 51 people were online at once. That constituted a 34 person increase since quarantine began.

And there are still many people who have yet to be engulfed into the newly found Xbox lifestyle.

12- Increase in bottles collected out of my rooms trash can

March data from my dad shows that every Sunday when he collects the bottles from my room the bag feels heavier and he determined I was using 12 more bottles whether Gatorade or water per week. The increase is most likely a reflection of my increased time in my room and thus an increase in consumption of fluids in my room as opposed to downstairs.

The rest of the house saw a great change with all bedrooms including my brother and sisters increasing at around the same rate of bottles while the kitchen bottles decreased due to more time spent in the room.

A million( according to my dad)- Number of dishes in the sink per day 

Dishes in the sink have surged in the kitchen, as all of us find ourselves eating in the kitchen most of the day due to our inability to eat elsewhere.

My dad assumes he cleans more than 100x more dishes per day than usual because of this inability to eat elsewhere or do anything but eat.

In comparison, when in normalcy my dad cleaned the dishes once a day now he says he does it 3-5 times which I am not buying.

“It was more dishes than I’d ever seen in my life they piled up like they were the Himalayan mountains,” said Steve Ellick who founded the Ellick Family

10-Increase in hours on our electronics

The increase began as schools started closing, then accelerated through the rest of March.

By the end of the month, our electronics use was up by more than 10 hours, according to Steven Ellick of the Ellick Household, the agency responsible for managing the kids’ electronic use. The change was most pronounced on daily nights when usage would normally spike as people started their days sleeping till 2 pm. With us staying up till 3 am, it appeared that many were awakening later than usual.

100x Increase in complaints about being too loud on the Xbox at night 

My dad’s patience with noisy children has run thin, particularly when it comes to blaring voices at 3 am, which prompted a 100 complaint increase by my dad and sister in the month of March.

Complaints of loud talking at 1-3 am increased rapidly since quarantine.


52 Days of Quarantine…


12 hours and 17 mins of screen time
Although this may seem extremely unhealthy and alarming, I use my phone for everything: doing homework, drawing, reading, music, watching youtube
Before the quarantine, my average phone screen time was about 4 hours. Without school or any extracurriculars, I have aq lot of free time on my hands and have nothing better to do than to waste hours on Instagram.

15 books finished
Before quarantine, I never had time for anything other than schoolwork. All of this Free time has allowed for productive activities.

5 zoom calls with relatives

One thing that has been dramatically altered because of the quarantine was birthdays and other holidays. Like others, my family had to change plans and adapt to the world out of concern for our relatives and the safety of others; my whole family had a large video call to sing happy birthday to one of my cousins. On Passover, my mom still made traditional meals, but it wasn’t the same without my grandparents and my cousins.

The time I wake up: after 10 am 

Before quarantine, I used to wake up at 6 am. Now I go to bed after 1 am every day and wake up at around 11.

Number of times I left my house: 15
I go on walks a few times every week. Before quarantine, I never had time to jog around the block, however now it has become a weekly achievement.


On school nights I used to get six to seven hours of sleep now on some nights I get up to ten hours a night. I still spend six hours a day doing school work. I usually wear two outfits a day, my PJs during school work and then after school, I get dressed and ready for the day. I was my hands five times a day. I have binge-watched at least seven different shows. I am in touch with about ten friends daily. I like to reach out to them to check up on them during these difficult times. I have learned to bake four different things and learned to cook three different meals. I have seen 15 more sunsets and five more sunrises then I would have seen if things were normal. I need one pair of glasses for screen and computer time. I only fell three times while learning how to skateboard. I have only seen my best friend once in person within the past two months. I re-organized my room for the seventh time today. I printed 183 pictures to put up on my wall. I am counting on the day that I get to hug my friends again.



During this stressful time, I found peace in going to the beach and the park every day at 6:30 pm with my dogs. I only go to the bluff and long beach. I don’t enter any buildings with other people. There is only interaction with 4 people on a daily basis. Separation is a key part of getting quarantine lifted. Every day I walk 2 miles with one of my 2 dogs and run 2 miles by myself. This time has been hard on so many people including the essential workers every night at 7 pm there is a shift change at the hospital by my house where many people line up to watch the shift change of about 30 cars. There are about 2 beaches closed because of the pandemic. After I return from the beach my family of four goes and has dinner that only takes like 10 minutes to make using my mom’s ninja. Then I usually have about 4 things of homework due a day and I’m usually done within two hours. Then I normally watch the office of grey’s anatomy for about 6 episodes before I go to bed every night. Because of the pandemic I’ve been able to look after myself more and enjoy time with my family.

100% boredom

Me, like everyone else, is bored outta their minds. Everyone I talk to… BOOM there bored. The things that used to get me by in the past I know find getting old and boring.

17 hours

This is the number of hours I’ve spent watching Game of Thrones the past few days. Great show. If not seen 10/10 would recommend it to a friend.

Getting absolutely swool

I’ve been working out a weird amount. About 5 times a week. In the best shape of my life so far.

Busy work

99% of work from all classes is just work given because they have too. To a student, it’s very bittersweet.

Quarantine in Numbers


3  More Hours of Sleep
From being in quarantine I have gotten more hours of sleep. I  find myself going to sleep around 1 am and waking up at 11 am. Before quarantine on a school schedule, I would go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 6 am. I am getting more sleep but I am going to sleep later, which is causing me to wake up later than usual.

I usually go on my phone and watch Netflix until I go to sleep. I am normally the type of person to go to sleep early but since quarantine, I have been more awake late at night from gaining those hours of sleep.

I Have seen 90% less of my friends and family

I have seen fewer people because of the quarantine. The only people I have seen are the family I live with and some of my friends for a driveby birthday. I have face timed with my aunt,  grandma, and cousins. I find myself facetiming more people then I have before quarantine and talking for a while.

4: I have been to four places
The only places I have been to are my mom’s house, my dad’s house, the beach, and walks around my neighborhood. If I wasn’t in quarantine I would probably be going to my friend’s houses, out to eat, school, work, shopping, etc.

I have done less laundry

Since I am not going out and wearing clothes I would wear to school or out with friends I am doing less laundry.


I am eating 75% more often being home
I have found myself eating more food than I would on a regular day at school or going out. I eat more often when I am bored rather than when I am hungry. I am also baking and cooking new things. I have made banana bread and fettuccine alfredo.


Number of FaceTime calls with my friends each day: 6

I love talking to my friends, no matter if were playing games, doing homework, just talking, or even goofing around, my friends give me so much comfort during times like these. They are all so loyal and help me if I’m stressed or having a hard time with something.


Number of times I leave my bedroom per day: 16

I only leave my room when it is necessary; to get food and water, to help my sister and parents and my pets, to go to the bathroom, and a few other times. I get food and water about five times a day, I help take care of my sister’s chameleon about twice a day, I have to feed my dog’s dinner, and I have to help take care of my parents because both of them are sick and I have to do more things around the house.


Number of new hobbies I have picked up: 3

Over this quarantine, I have picked up on audio mixing, a little bit of coloring/bracelet making, and art with diamonds.


Number of times I have been told to put a mask on: 50

If I need to leave the house for anything, I am told to wear a mask. Also, if I want to talk to my parents face-to-face, then I need to wear a mask because I don’t want to get the coronavirus.


Number of times I’ve been outside: 10

I try to get some fresh air every once in a while, I went to get food a couple of times, and I went to a birthday drive-by. For food, I went to Ralph’s and the grocery store. My cousin’s birthday just passed and my sister and I drove by his house with a big sign and a gift. Also, I sometimes just go for a walk or walk my dog.

Anna’s Pandemic in Numbers.


  1. I  have been outside 3 times this week. I went out every day before the pandemic and didn’t get yelled at for not wearing a mask in my car.
  1. I’ve met up with one friend during the pandemic. My friends and I usually hung out every weekend and went to fast food chains. Now we have zoom calls instead.
  2. My brother and I never usually got to spend time together because we both had busy lives. Now we talk almost every day. Every month we would meet up for breakfast at a local food place. Now we zoom called twice to eat breakfast together.
  3. Many individuals got sick during the outbreak of this virus. One of them being a very close family member to me. This made me appreciate life and the people in it 10 times more. It also made me realize how serious the virus is.
  4. I love animals, especially my dog. I couldn’t have much time to play with him when I went to school but now I play with him 3 times a day and take him on runs. And he still doesn’t get tired!

Because of this pandemic, students and employees from New York are home until May 15. The streets have never looked like this before. Closed stores, no traffic, empty streets.

This quarantine has its downsides. For example not being able to see friends or family in person Or not being able to leave the house.

It also has its good side, like being outside in nature more and getting more exercise, watching new shows on Netflix, or washing your hands more often.

The number of times I have seen my family since quarantine in person: 4. Since we are being told to stay inside, I haven’t really spent much time with my friends, or family. The only time we see each other is to drop off food and supplies to the older people in my family because they can’t leave their house. Before quarantine, I used to see my friends almost every day, and my family at least once a week.

The number of times I have left the house in the last week: 1. Because of quarantine, and since I am not the one going shopping for the family, I haven’t been able to leave my house much, which can be good or bad. Before the pandemic, I used to leave my house every day of the week. Now, it’s zero times a week, and 1 if I get lucky.

The number of times I have gone on walks in the last week: 5. Since there is not much to do considering we are not supposed to leave our houses, most families have resorted to going on walks or runs. My family and I spend our time going on walks around the neighborhood together to pass time and also to get some exercise in.  Before quarantine, I went on walks maybe twice a month. Now we go on one almost every day.

The number of shows I’ve watched on Netflix since quarantine: 4. Since quarantine, I’ve started to rewatch series and start new ones such as comedies and reality shows. Before quarantine, I used to watch 1 or 2 series in a month. Now with not much to do in one month, I’ve watched or am watching 5. Some of the shows I watched are The Office, New Girl, Love is Blind and Outer Banks.

The number of times I’ve washed my hands in the last week: about 49. Because of the virus, washing your hands and keeping them sanitized is very important to make sure you don’t get sick. On average, I probably wash my hands around 7 times a day, equaling 35 times a week. Before quarantine, I washed my hands about 3 or 4 times a day. With everyone washing and sanitizing their hands more, it prevents people from getting the virus and spreading it to others.


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