Since the 8th of September, California has experienced a wildfire that has burned several acres. Around 26 people have died, and nearly 3 million acres have burned since the fire ignited due to a gender reveal of a baby. This wildfire has been Los Angeles’s largest fire, and it’s known as El Dorado. According to NPR, the estimated time for the fire to be completely contaiOctober 30th. Since this incident, 3,467 people have evacuated their homes to get away from the blazing fires, as well as 17,289 homes are threatened to be burned within this massive flame. The most active fire is near Highway 38.

Concern and worries increase as the fire begins to continue traveling towards the grass and unburned bushes. Areas that include dry land can also be ignited with the flame traveling across California. The current temperature around the surrounding areas of the fire may reach 90 degrees; however, it is expected that increasing temperatures can impact the fire’s activity.

An advantage that fire officials have for controlling the fire is cool weather. Once the weather is cooler, the fire can become weak, and officials have chances to keep the fire under control. The downside to this is the winds. Wind can pick up and move the flame across the state faster. Another advantage can be rain and heavy storms, as well as improved air quality.

Recently one firefighter death has been reported, the name has not been said to the press yet until the family has been notified.

A new law has passed in California that allows some inmates to fight the wildfire will get their records expunged. With this, the inmates will be able to become an EMT or firefighter, and this will earn them more money than they normally would. However, the new law does not allow inmates who have been convicted of murder, arson, sex crimes, kidnapping, and other serious crimes. This can be highly beneficial to many inmates across California.

As of now, officials and crew members are working hard and risking their lives to remove giant rocks falling onto highways, clearing up flames, and cleaning up debris as quickly as they can to keep the surrounding areas safe again and flame-free.

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