With all the turmoil and unrest this year, it is worthwhile to sit back and reflect on our lives… and our cultures.

Our country is very diverse, and sometimes it is important to appreciate the values of it. As many Americans know, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from mid-September to mid-October. You may see the colors and flags of many Spanish-speaking countries around schools or neighborhoods of your area. Flea markets could be serving the traditional Hispanic influenced foods from places like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, etc. In cities like Miami, Arizona, Texas, and New York, Hispanic people dance to bachata or other forms of Latin American dances. Schools all across the United States show their recognition of the ‘holiday’ and teach students the value and impact and importance of culture and heritage. Furthermore, the teachers of today’s age continue to educate the next generation on this enduring issue that shall never be overlooked.

Culture is heavily respected and perhaps very significant to the lives of native and foreign Hispanics and Latinos. There are countless traditions that Latinos never fail to practice. Food, dancing, and extensive socializing are included in hour-long celebrations. On top of the modern practices that foreshadow their past and history, Hispanic culture usually involves paying respect to their ancestry. Family is a top priority in their lives as well. Celebrating with loved ones is a special gift that will never have to come with a price tag. Holidays like Day of the Dead are celebrated not long after Hispanic Heritage month. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the independence of many Spanish speaking countries. (“Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by visiting 36 landmarks, tourist spots, virtually,.” News 12) Tourists come from all over the world to observe the practices of the 30 days. Aside from all of the rich cultural heritage, one can land a vacation in any Spanish speaking country, as almost every one of them has clear waters and attractive monuments and landscapes.

Bolivia, a unique Spanish speaking country, has many jaw-dropping views. The sights and sounds of the only Spanish speaking country with two capitals (La Paz, Sucre) are revolutionary to almost all of the tourists who visit for seemingly the same thing: “Death Valley.” As it sounds, this ‘attraction’ is only found here. It is a long, narrow road that has many turns and sharp obstacles with a drop of well over ten thousand feet when looking down from the car window. There are also many valleys and hills and other greens there, making Bolivia one of the most beautiful countries.

One the more calming side of things, Cuban beaches might be the closest to “bonita.” There are so many clear waters, white and sandy beaches, and picturesque boardwalks that will leave you wanting to stay. Aside from the pretty beaches, Cuba and other countries like Panama and Guatemala, have intriguing landscapes as well. But no matter where you go, history will always be valued in some way or another. Countries like the Dominican Republic have monuments and historic sights. There are many videos online to capture the beauty and importance of culture in cities from Spanish speaking countries.

Whether it is the beautiful beaches, the intriguing intellect, astonishing architecture, or simply the interest in the area, Spanish speaking countries will always catch the eye of an interested tourist. There will always be references and celebrations to Hispanic culture, even if there is nothing specific to celebrate! This Hispanic Heritage month, be sure to keep a lookout for new foods, dances, or facts!

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