Colleges were hit hard this past year because of the abominable Covid -19 pandemic. This is an understatement, for all of the world seemed to be on lockdown at one point or another. Although the pandemic is far from over, colleges are now preparing for more In-Person classes to allow students the opportunity to learn ‘normally’ again. Learning virtually is a great tool for schools to use at this crucial time, especially for seniors and college students. However, to have a memorable and meaningful experience, it is incredibly important to have In-Person classes as well. It is not only a good substitute for distance learning, but it could be the cure for ‘senioritis’ and give hope for incoming freshmen who desire the “true” college experience.

Learning virtually is something I witnessed firsthand this past and the current year. Honestly, I did not expect the new change to be a long-term change back in March of 2020. My classmates and I rushed out of school that day full of excitement, thinking we would have a week off because of the discovery of a killer virus we thought would not affect us. Little did we know, we would be spending the next months away from school in quarantine. This revolutionary event caused us to go outside more, work on improving ourselves, and enjoy family time as the world shuts down around us. 

Online classes have been a challenge for some, but for others, it has been beneficial. Professors are typically flexible, but a lot more so when the circumstances make it easier to fluctuate times. Professors can schedule classes at times suitable for all, and it seems like they are also more understanding considering the unfortunate situation we are all in. For students, online classes are a great way to boost grades and make time for other activities. They can study at any time, complete assignments faster, and log in to the zoom meeting from anywhere at almost any time. Plus, they can even join in the comfort of their home in their pajamas! Online classes enable students to avoid the commute and pressure that colleges are usually associated with. 

While there are many pros to the virtual learning environment, there are inevitably some cons as well. Virtual classes are not for everyone, especially in this day and age. Limiting or even eliminating face-to-face interaction makes it a lot more difficult for college students to connect with their professors. Going to school ‘online’ is also tough because it is hard to focus and stay on top of time management. I know for myself that it was not an easy task to complete assignments on time. I felt distracted at home and found it hard to focus and pay attention. I also realize that majors are limited, and there would be glitches and whatnot online. It is not my favorite substitute for the school, but I will say it is a good backup plan for any future problems that schools may be. 

The pandemic has certainly changed our lives, maybe for the better. It is no pleasant thing to see the death toll and ‘bad news’ reels rise, but I think that schools and students benefit from this new system of learning. Virtual or not, students are attending school, and this is something lighter in today’s darkness. 


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