Antonio Brown’s Breakdown on the Field

Antonio Brown, also known as AB, has been an amazing football player throughout the course of his career. His time with the Steelers for 9 seasons was the best football he played in his career to make him a future hall of famer.

5 years ago, the Steelers played the Bengals in a playoff matchup that caused Brown to get blindside tackled by Vontaze Burfict, causing him to get knocked out. Many people believe this was the downfall to his career after this brutal hit to the head. 

CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) has been around the NFL for many years now and studies have shown that football players are going mentally insane and are killing themselves from the head drama they go through in their NFL career. The NFL should come up with a plan to help these players and make better helmet technology so their brain doesn’t get these diseases. 

After this hit, Brown has had many off-field issues including assaulting a garbage man outside his apartment, and not treating his children the correct way. These had kept him away from NFL teams and off the field.

The Buccaneers went out and signed Brown to a contract last year to help Brady win his 7th ring. The Bucs would go off to the Super Bowl and ended up beating the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. I believe Brown was the main reason for this victory going off for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns in the victory. This season, Brown suffered a horrible ankle injury and hasn’t played a game since week 5 of the season.

In week 17 he returned, but was still badly injured. He was paid $1 million if he got over 100 yards and had 7 catches in the game against the Jets. He was very upset throughout the game about targets and he wanted to get the ball enough to earn his money, “He was very upset at halftime and players had to calm him down on the sideline.” 

The second half arrived and Brown refused to enter the game after Coach Arians told him to go in. He told the coach “no” and said his ankle is bothering him, so the Bucs coach cursed at him and told him to leave the sideline. After this happened, Brown ripped off his equipment and threw his gear into the stands and ran to the locker room in a foolish act hyping up the MetLife stadium fans.

Shortly after, Brown was cut by the Bucs because of off-field issues and is now looking for another chance to make an impact in the NFL again. I don’t think he will play another game in his career because teams are giving this guy second chances and he is very distracting in the locker room to other problems. He’s caused many problems for the team, but his talent is no question making him a possible Hall of Fame pick. 

I believe that both sides could have handled this in a better way and they can’t force a player to play if they are seriously injured. 

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