NFL Draft

(This article was written on 4/29/2022)

The NfL draft happened 1 week ago. Many teams got very talented players from great colleges. They are immediately ready to make an impact in the hardest football league in the world. Many teams had great drafts. Starting with the New York Jets, they had a draft for record books drafting 3 first rounders in round one. With the first draft pick the jets decided to improve the secondary and draft Sauce Gardner out of Cincinnati. 

Sauce was the best corner back in college football last year and maybe even the best player in the 2022 draft. This was a great pick from Joe Douglas and this will help out the Jets in a positive way. He is going to be a starter in the secondary for New York next season and I expect him to have at least nine interceptions next season. Joe Douglas had the best draft in history for the jets. 

With the 10th pick in the draft the front office came together and decided to draft Garret Wilson out of Ohio State. He played wide receiver for the buckeyes being named offensive player of the year in his junior year. He is one of the greatest college football play makers and his ability to catch a 50/50 ball is special. He is an offensive threat and many teams should be scared to go up against him in his first season.

This also gives quarterback Zach Wilson a lot of help and building around a second year quarterback is going to make the Jets successful in future years. Zach now is in the ebay position going into next season and has no excuses if he doesn’t work out in the league. The Jets starting offense is looking scary adding many high skilled players from the draft.

The reason why the Jets have been a dumpster fire organization is because They did not give Sam Darnold a supporting cast to achieve his goals at being Quarterback.

The Jets had the 32 pick in the draft but traded up to the 26 pick to grab defensive end Jermaine Johnson. He is a force off the edge and this is a huge upgrade for this young team. He had 15 sacks at USC last season and I expect him to drop the same thing in the big leagues.

The New York Jets are heading in the right direction and it’s looking promising after missing the playoffs 10 straight years. This team should win at least 7-8 games next season and compete for a playoff spot if Zach Wilson pans out. 

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