An Inside Dive Into The Success of Smithtown’s Swim Team

The Hauppauge/Smithtown girls swimming team is on top of the world. The defending county champs are currently undefeated (4-0) in their League I category, and they’re the only team that is overall undefeated in the entire county (7-0). This superior team is also the only Smithtown team that is undefeated in their overall record, and it’s shining a new light on a group that doesn’t always get a lot of the attention it deserves. 

Last Tuesday, Hauppauge/Smithtown faced off against Connetquot/East Islip and continued their impressive winning streak with a 97-86 win, which has become fuel to try and make it to counties again.  “We are all really close and all have the drive to keep winning,” says sophomore Emma Phillips. “We all want it really bad and want to do well not only for ourselves but for each other too.”

There is a secret to their incredible success, from the team bonding to the coaching to the swimmers themselves. All of these elements make for a team that operates as a well-oiled machine, and Emma speaks to each of these. Teamwork and bonding are a large part of the equation when talking about a team that succeeds the way this one has. “The team bond is amazing,” Emma comments. “We are so close to one another and are always there to support one another whether it be a good race or bad one.” As with any great team, the coaching is equally as instrumental as the team members when creating success. “The coaches are amazing,” she says. “They never fail to push us to help improve our weaknesses and strengthen our strengths. As a team, we are so thankful for our coaches.”

Their undefeated season can also be attributed to the strength of the girls on the team. “I think the key to our success is that we have the drive and talent. We have multiple state-qualifying girls and an all-American swimmer. But the key to our success is the work we put in and the bond we have with one another and our coaches.”

The team also has a passion for what they do, which is always a quality that is essential of a successful team in any sport. As for Emma, she states that the 100-meter backstroke is her unique contribution to her team’s success. “It is overall my best event, and I constantly practice that stroke in practice,” she comments.

What seems to be the most impactful element of this newsworthy team is their support for one another and a constant positive mindset. As we all know, having a winning attitude is of the utmost importance when remaining undefeated. Emma explains what she contributes to the team in this arena: “Besides the swimming aspect, I think I contribute enthusiasm and optimism. There is not a race that goes by where my teammates and I aren’t screaming and cheering for whoever it may be that is swimming at the time.” Hauppauge/Smithtown hope to continue their undefeated record as they face off against Huntington/Harborfields/John Glenn/Walt Whitman on October 20.


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