Sports Fans Take Their Anger Out On The Empire State Building

Who knew that the color of the Empire State Building could cause so much anger among many sports fans. Keith Rogers, a city council member was quoted saying, “absolutely ridiculous” regarding the color of The Empire State Building. After seeing the Empire State Building light up green, many sports fans expressed their anger through social media and some even went as far as mobbing The Empire State Building.

On Sunday January 29th several hours after the Philadelphia Eagles had just won the NFC Championships, the Empire State Building lit up the Eagle’s team colors. A social media manager for The Empire State Building then proceeded to tweet a picture of the green and white building congratulating The Eagles on their big win. New Yorkers were beyond angry with the Empire State Building for supporting a non New York Team. Many New Yorkers demanded that the social media manager for the Empire State Building be fired from their job after that tweet.

To make matters worse, the Eagles had just beat the New York Giants 8 days prior. After seeing the colors of The Empire State Building, New York sports fans began to mob the building. Other fans expressed their hatred for the colors of the building  through tweeting, The NYC Sanitation even had something to say regarding the situation. The NYC Sanitation were quoted in their tweet saying, “For anyone who finds this as treacherous, traitorous, and unforgivable as we do – just pretend it’s green and white for #NewYorksStrongest. We take out the trash every day…and next year, that’ll include the Eagles.”

Needless to say the workers of The Empire State Building were terrified of this mob like behavior. They will never light up the Empire State Building to be rival teams colors ever again. Looks like the Empire State Building will stay looking very bland for a while now.

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