Exclusive With Madison Nuzzi

Smithtown West is a highlighted school when it comes to the topic of student athletes. Many varsity athletes struggle to keep up with school, and many AP students struggle to keep up with sports. However Madison Nuzzi, a sophomore at Smithtown West, juggles two varsity sports and AP classes.

While managing varsity field hockey, varsity lacrosse, and jv basketball, Madison balances her time with her social life and school work. Nuzzi claims, “I don’t find it’s a struggle as long as I keep up with the work assigned.” By spreading out her sports and schoolwork equally, Nuzzi makes time for all aspects of her life, including friends. “Friends are just such a big part of my life,” she says, “I’m just very social.”

Madison also gets to experience the more relaxed side of school sports through JV Basketball. “Currently I’m in JV season with basketball,” Nuzzi explains. “JV is meant to be easier and is meant to be a way to grow towards varsity.” As captain of the JV basketball team, Nuzzi is able to set an example for younger players not only through basketball, but her school life as well.

“I always just try and do what’s most important first and obviously it should be school over sports, but also when you make the commitment to sports you have to find a way to maneuver your way around,” Madison said in response to the importance of school. Many students of Smithtown West are student athletes, and deal with this concept of balancing sports, school, and friends. However, a good athlete can overcome this challenge and make time for everything.

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