Titanic is Making a Comeback

Twenty five years later, Titanic is coming back to theaters in a new version. Don’t worry though it is still the same characters and story. The movie has been remastered, it is now being shown in 4k 3D.

After viewing the trailer many Titanic fans were brought back to 25 years ago to their first viewing of the movie. In reaction to the new trailer one fan said, “I’m 7 years old again. Can’t believe it’s been 25 years.” Some Titanic fans never got to experience the movie in theaters, so they are beyond ecstatic to see Titanic on the big screen. A fan was quoted saying, “For someone who never had a chance to watch this movie in theaters, this is great. I can’t wait to watch this in the best way possible.”

The creator of Titanic, James Cameron wanted to bring Titanic back to theaters in order to recreate the feelings of when Titanic first hit the theaters back in 1997. Cameron certainly did that, many Titanic fans felt nostalgic after viewing the remastered Titanic Trailer. Although some fans were speculating that there will be easter eggs left in this new remastered version of Titanic, Cameron shot these fans down saying, “There’s no Easter eggs or little, you know, end-credit sequence. We don’t have to tease another movie.”

According to Cameron most of the film was actually remastered 10 years ago when it was put into 4k and there was a 3D version available. Titanic is a movie that is loved by many people and to have the chance to view this movie in the theaters will be an unforgettable experience for many.

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