What Are You Reading?

One goal many people have going into the New Year is to read more. Most people say they want to read more because they want to stop mindless scrolling on their phones. Others just like the creative places their mind goes when reading a good book. Reading can be very therapeutic for many people. It can be a great way to start your day, end your day or just something to do in the middle of your day. One Common issue with reading is deciding what book to read. In the year 2023 there are many new books on the horizon. There is truly something for everyone. One book that has been talked about way before it even came out was Spare. Spare is a memoir about prince Harry that is written by Harry’s ghostwriter, J.R Moehringer. In this memoir the reader will get inside information regarding Harry’s life with the royal family. Another book to look out for is  Pineapple Street  by Jenny Jackson. This book follows three women who live in Brooklyn Heights. The book contains many references to aspects of New York’s urban life. 

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