Learning To Take Mental Health Days

As teenagers we are constantly stressed about school, sports, clubs, work and more. It is hard to focus on so many things at once and one thing usually gets pushed to the side. Unfortunately the thing that gets pushed aside the most is our mental health. The truth is though life can get overwhelming when you never take time for yourself. Mental health days should not be considered a bad thing, they are a way to decrease stress and anxiety. There is no set day when one should take a mental health day, you can do it whenever you want. Sometimes you just wake up feeling stressed or anxious, take that as a sign you need a day off.  Some people plan their mental health days in advance, so they have a relaxing day to look forward to. Mental health days have no rules, take a mental health day when you want. It is hard to perform to the best of your ability when you are mentally struggling. 

 A common issue associated with mental health days is people often feel weak and useless when they take a mental health day. That is far from the truth though. It’s sad that more people don’t promote taking mental health days, especially in the work field. Mental health of employees should be a top priority for employers. Everyone knows themselves the best, so when you feel that overwhelming feeling creeping up on you, maybe it is time to take a little break. If you are scared about spending the day alone because you don’t want to get too much in your own thoughts, you don’t have to. A mental health day can be spent with friends and family. Whether you go shopping, watch your favorite tv show or movie, it can be a mental health day. You can do whatever you want to get yourself back on track. It is just important to remember to make this a stress free day,in order to get the most out of your mental health day. 

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