The issue of parking at Smithtown West has often been a confusing and contentious topic. Many students and staff members have voiced their concerns in regard to what the rule actually is and how well they feel it’s being enforced. In order to get the right information regarding the “parkingContinue Reading

Ah, Buzzfeed. The once relatable website, has now given way to only being good for it’s quizzes and the occasional “white people try spicy food for the first time”video. How did Buzzfeed go to being such an influential and popular website to being that one place where it’s like “well,Continue Reading

Home has always been a place of comfort, happiness, a safe haven.  Work, on the other hand, revolves around extreme concentration, organization, and due dates.  Why would anyone want to combine two polar opposite words into one dreaded, horrid, sickening compound word: homework? This word’s decision to defy its definitionContinue Reading

Imagine you are sitting in your house going about your everyday routine when suddenly you hear loud noises as random people break into your house and take you. You wake up all alone in a small and unfamiliar confined space. When you look out you see a large group ofContinue Reading

  “If smartphones were ponds, a large portion of our population would have already drowned.”   In the age of technology and social media few people can go more than an hour without using their smartphones. A lot of this time is spent taking, posting and sending selfies.   “Selfie,”Continue Reading