A fire has been blazing across Australia for months since September of 2019. Towns and communities have completely turned into ash and nearly 20 million acres are burned. More than 2,000 homes have been destroyed. At least 25 people have been reported dead according to multiple sources. The skies haveContinue Reading

Based on the true events of the 1980 United States miracle Olympic run, Gavin O’Connor’s Miracle is a film that accurately depicts the events that led to such an astounding victory at Lake Placid. The movie features Kurt Russell playing the role of US head coach Herb Brooks. From thereContinue Reading

The town of Islip has been in an uproar recently due to the proposed poultry slaughterhouse that was submitted for approval. Protests and petitions have started. Over three-hundred residents expressed their concern at the most recent town board meeting and about twenty residents who are animal welfare advocates have contactedContinue Reading

In October of 1988, Steve Aisthorpe went on a mission to climb Pumori, a 7,161 meter (23,494-foot) mountain near Everest with two of his friends, Kristinn Runarsson and Thorsteinn Gudjonsson. He did not know what would happen next was going to put a hole in his heart for 30 years.Continue Reading