The religion of Scientology has become a controversial topic among the public due to its recent exposure by surrounding rumors and media coverage. As a result, people are beginning to question its methods and whether or not the morals of the religion are substantially sound. Actress, Leah Remini, has comeContinue Reading

Earlier this month, President-Elect Donald Trump called the leader of Taiwan on the telephone, sparking major outrage from China due to this call breaking years of diplomatic tradition. Taiwan is considered part of China, and therefore has no diplomatic ties to the USA in respect to One China Policy. BecauseContinue Reading

  Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, marked a significant day in our country’s history.  Donald J. Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States.     Defying predictions and winning key battleground states, Trump scored the big seat in the White House. Becoming a historic upset, our nation mayContinue Reading

“I think when you get that standing ovation, when you get that light cue that comes out just perfect and you get all the warm and fuzzies inside–that’s what keeps me going.” Mr. Miller is a loved and well known math teacher at Smithtown High School West. He is fun,Continue Reading

The greatest teachers don’t just teach; they inspire us to become better people and encourage us to reach our full potential in and out of the classroom. Here at Smithtown High School West, English teacher, Mr. Gunsel, embodies all the principles of a great teacher, but more importantly a greatContinue Reading

As My aunt and I stroll through the streets of Brooklyn Heights taking in the views of the beautiful day in historic Brooklyn, New York, we had time to catch up. My aunt is Diane Crespo. Born and raised in Bayside, Queens her whole life and she has always hadContinue Reading

Donald Trump’s visit to Flint, Michigan on 9/14 was met with uproar and disaster for the candidate, with revolt coming from a (predominately African American) Methodist church and the candidate not offering any help to the water plant. During the candidate’s visit to Flint, he decided that during a speechContinue Reading

Ubers in Pittsburgh are allowing the cities’ peoples to take a ride in their new self-driving cars despite some minor technical difficulties. Happening right now only in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the new self-driving Ford Fusions are taking a step in the continuing advancements of technology in our society. The popular UberContinue Reading

Last August after french citizens argued over the controversy of burkinis, a swimsuit that covers the entire body except the face, being banned in France that was taken to court. The state decided not to ban burkinis on the French Riviera. People relaxing on their preferred beach felt that itContinue Reading

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, is under scrutiny for allegedly failing to donate the promised 6 million dollars that were raised for Veteran Charities. However these organizations have reportedly received less than half.   There were 22 groups that Mr. Trump had pledged the money to and only 19 organizationsContinue Reading