Most people will probably say they’ve never heard of the band name Bon Iver (and are almost guaranteed to mispronounce it at first glance), however, it is more than likely that you’ve heard their music through either movie soundtracks, radio, or the dozens of collaborations they’ve been apart of. BonContinue Reading

For three years she went mostly unnoticed through High School, but now almost everybody knows her name. Caroline Kelley is one of the anchors of our daily morning news and since she started to appear on nearly every smartboard in third period, many people are greeting her in the hallwaysContinue Reading

Since the first Planned Parenthood opened its storefront in Brooklyn back in 1916, the organization has revolutionized the way people across America receive reproductive and sexual healthcare. Starting as one single clinic that offered birth control to women, Planned Parenthood today has expanded immensely; with about 650 clinics across theContinue Reading

With a plethora of new technologies arising within the 21st century, there have been numerous propositions to shut down the establishment of libraries. This idea sprouted because people are now able to obtain e-books and get all the resources they need on Google. However, libraries allow for an abundance ofContinue Reading