In what was scripted to be Aaron Gordon’s shot at redemption from last year’s close loss to Zach Lavine, Glenn Robinson III stole the show. Robinson III displayed his staggering vertical during a dunk in which he jumped over two people, the catch being that one was on theContinue Reading

eSports are the way of the future. Hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of kids every single day play video games competitively or for fun. Many adults may think video games are all fun and games but in the world today it’s more than just fun, it’s becoming aContinue Reading

Jorge Posada’s name should be checked off all of the BBWAA members ballots this year. Posada played 17 years in the MLB, all for the New York Yankees as a catcher and was my favorite player to watch. The Case: His career average was .273 with 275 home runs and 1,065Continue Reading

Golf icon Arnold Palmer died September 25th in a Pittsburgh hospital while awaiting cardiac surgery. The King dominated the sport of golf for decades with his consistent will to win. This will to win brought him four Masters victories and over ninety tournament wins through his PGA career. He joins MohammadContinue Reading

In an attempt to encourage basketball players to pursue a college education, the NBA requires that players must be at least one year removed from high school and played at least one year of college basketball in order to join the league as soon as possible. However, this has createdContinue Reading

During 2014 the NCAA had a total revenue that surpasses one billion dollars throughout the fiscal years. But, as they sit on their lavish thrones the real workers, also know as the athletes, don’t see a penny of this money, even  as many of them struggle to put food onContinue Reading