On April 9, 2009, NBC introduced viewers to the hardworking and dedicated civil servant of Pawnee, Indiana: Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. The tv series continued for seven seasons, where viewers follow Ms. Knope’s—as well as her fellow Parks Department staff—journey through local, state, and federal government while alsoContinue Reading

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is a moving young adult novel about a girl learning to live from a boy falling apart. Violet Markley is a popular girl in her high school and secretly dealing with PTSD, since her sister Eleanor’s death in a car accident. Since theContinue Reading

Stop-and-frisk is a policy in which police officers are allowed to stop and search a pedestrian without hard evidence that the person is breaking the law. In this policing method, all an officer needs is his or her own belief that the search is reasonable. This policy gained backing fromContinue Reading

Finding Dory is your typical family fun movie with aspects of reality and hints of truth that make the movie that much better than some movie about a fish getting lost and being found. The introduction of new characters and a new setting gives the movie a surprising yet interesting taste yetContinue Reading