If you’ve watched any sports network for more than three minutes in the past six months, without a doubt you have seen a commercial for either FanDuel or DraftKings, maybe even both within those three minutes. While both sites’ constant bombardment of advertisements are outright annoying for sports fans, theyContinue Reading

Stores Should Not Be Open On Thanksgiving It’s Thanksgiving evening and you’re about to make a toast about being thankful for your family but there’s one thing missing at the dinner table: your father, grandfather, brother, or even your mother or sister. Some businesses do not allow their workers offContinue Reading

On Friday, November 13, the Smithtown West Thespian Troupe held its first “Best of Broadway Musical Revue.” Directed by teacher and Thespian advisor Mr. Brannigan, the show featured numbers from popular broadway shows including Pippin, Chicago, The Addams Family, and more. Popular performances included the provocative “Cell Block Tango,” starringContinue Reading

Everybody knows the generic food that you get at a pub restaurant. For example, burgers, fries, steak, etc. Well now, you can get all of those foods but with an amazing, fresh, new taste. The Lark restaurant in Larkfield, presents their food in the most delicious ways they can. IfContinue Reading

When you walk into American Roadside in Smithtown, the first things you can smell are the sizzling burgers on the grill, the crispy steak fries, and bacon, all the bacon you could eat. You can taste the freshness of the burgers and fries you are eating. This premium beef makesContinue Reading

Everyone’s family is dysfunctional, but no family is as dysfunctional as the Gallaghers. A family of six with an absent mother and an alcoholic father, the family is a train wreck waiting to happen. They may not be like any family you know, but they are not ashamed of beingContinue Reading

Halloween is a time for everyone to dress up however they please, play tricks on their friends and and get plenty of candy. Everyone, including celebrities. On the costume front, many celebrities outdid themselves with their costumes, Mark Ruffalo participated in an annual trick and Ryan Reynolds gave us allContinue Reading

Netflix will be releasing 53 new seasons, movies and TV shows over the month of November, including three new original series. However, with so many movies and shows coming onto Netflix, some must be taken off. The following are some original programs Netflix will be releasing. “Master of Nothing,” followsContinue Reading