In the wake of the new Star Wars movie, Disney, who now owns the franchise, announced that they would be making a Star Wars spin-off movie telling the back-story of Han Solo, formerly played by Harrison Ford.   Originally, Disney held open auditions for the part, allowing fans ofContinue Reading

  In today’s world, everyone is entitled to their own views and beliefs. However, at times, these opinions can be spiraled around and picked apart to the point where everyone starts voicing what they believe to be right in their mind.  As 2016 approaches, everyone needs to understand that weContinue Reading

Turn on almost any radio station and what song are you probably hearing? “Hello” by Adele. Adele, the renowned singer and songwriter, lately, has been all of the rage. Her new album “25,” was released on November 20th all over the world and it has had a huge impact onContinue Reading

As the holiday season approaches, yuletide spirit is in the air, stockings are being hung over the fireplace, and the Rockettes are stretching their legs for the thousands of kicks they’re going to do over the next two months. Christmas revolves around traditions, and on Wednesday night, one of NewContinue Reading

If you’ve watched any sports network for more than three minutes in the past six months, without a doubt you have seen a commercial for either FanDuel or DraftKings, maybe even both within those three minutes. While both sites’ constant bombardment of advertisements are outright annoying for sports fans, theyContinue Reading

Stores Should Not Be Open On Thanksgiving It’s Thanksgiving evening and you’re about to make a toast about being thankful for your family but there’s one thing missing at the dinner table: your father, grandfather, brother, or even your mother or sister. Some businesses do not allow their workers offContinue Reading