Recently I began watching The Mandalorian. If you don’t know The Mandalorian is a spin off show of Star Wars. I never watched Star Wars but since it is it’s own show you don’t need the knowledge of anything but if you happened to be a die hard Star Wars fan then this show would be a lot more meaningful to you.The show takes place during the same timeline but are different stories. Mandalorians come from the planet Mandalore and are in very high demand at the time.The main character is a mandalorian whos’s name still hasn’t been mentioned, but he is known to be a legendary bounty hunter.Bounty hunters are people who receive a task of someone or something that is extremely valuable and get paid a lot to do it.The beginning of the show focused on a Mandalorian who needed to find this baby yoda creature.They still haven’t mentioned the Mandalorian’s name and they do not seem like they are in any hurry to. Baby yoda is not actually yoda’s baby, but it looks like yoda in baby form, so for the sake of this review it’s baby yoda. The funny thing about baby yoda is that he looks like a baby and in the show is referred to as a child but it’s really over 400 years old.The mandalorian can either bring him back alive or dead and uses his phrase, “I can either bring you in warm or cold,” and when he finally found him there was a creature about to kill baby yoda (this got me very nervous since the whole reason I’m watching it is for baby yoda) but fortunately the mandalorian had killed the creature first. The Mandalorian had to bring baby yoda back to the man who asked for him but when they were on the way back baby yoda was playing with the controls on his ship and Mandalorian picked him up like it was his own child. The baby seemed attached and am thought the Mandalorian was being portrayed as heartless, can the main character still be our hero if he brings baby yoda to its death? Yes, actually the Mandalorian had a change of heart while being apart from baby yoda.He had so much guilt and worry about baby yoda that he had to go back and save it. What I love about this show is the idea that the Mandalorian and this baby yoda have created such a bond when he was originally set out to capture and possibly kill it. Baby yoda floats around in this bubble like bassinet and follows the Mandalorian everywhere.Keep in mind the Mandalorian saved this thing not knowing what it was capable of. But eventually the Mandalorian did in fact get a glimpse of how powerful baby yoda is. The Mandalorian was trapped by a dinosaur creature and when he could’ve died baby yoda followed him and used these powers to stun the dinosaur so Mandalorian could kill it. I would say that is the exact moment Mandalorian formed a bond with the baby since it did save his life.After Mandalorian had taken back baby yoda they set off to find a planet to lay low for a little while. The Mandalorian met another fighter like himself and baby yoda played with children. It’s the perfect Scenario for some down time, until it wasn’t. Turns out there were raiders living on this planet planning to raid this village they were staying in. The typical villagers wanted to stand up for themselves and learn how to fight and eventually a battle broke out between the raiders and the villagers.While they were fighting baby yoda was in some shed with the children hiding. I was a little confused as to why he would be in the back when he has powers that could help them tremendously. The show is also still developing so there could be a large bounty for baby yoda that we don’t know about. In my opinion the show is amazing, everything about the plot to the characters.I thought not knowing anything about star wars was going to be a problem, but when i dug a little deeper there is no direct timeline connection between the two series. This show would be a good start for someone who is interested in the Star Wars series but doesn’t know if they’ll take the time to see all the movies. The show came out when Disney Plus was created which was a couple months ago, if Disney Plus never came out then I would have never seen baby yoda and he is the cutest character I have ever seen, many others will agree.

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