As high school ends, many are thinking about their future. Some look toward colleges and trade schools wondering how they will afford it and what exactly they will do with their future. While looking towards the future, there is always the option of joining the army. This is encouraged andContinue Reading

Over the past three years, I have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the West Bull’s Eye team. Today, I can look back on my first day of class and wonder how I developed from an awkward writer not knowing a thing about journalism. I cannot believeContinue Reading

Covid-19 has affected every person on this planet in some shape or form. Additionally, it has affected organizations and teams in many ways. I had the chance to interview a division one athlete, Gianna Edwards. The D1 athlete attending East Carolina University in North Carolina is a college freshman andContinue Reading

Homework. Almost every student has had to endure it, and about that same number has complained about it all the way through – myself included. For these countless victims, homework, after a while, can begin to feel like a Groundhog Day of stress. Hour after hour, day after day, weekContinue Reading

With all the turmoil and unrest this year, it is worthwhile to sit back and reflect on our lives… and our cultures. Our country is very diverse, and sometimes it is important to appreciate the values of it. As many Americans know, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from mid-September toContinue Reading

The zero-sum fallacy is the assumption that economic transactions are based on a fixed pie in which what is gained by someone is indefinitely lost by someone else. The political left often wrongfully believes landlords extort tenants, and the government must act as a third party. This couldn’t be furtherContinue Reading