The Presidential Election has finally finished, and it looks like we have a winner…  The matter of whether human rights, socialism, or the welfare of people, or the focus on economy, pro-life, and fixing unemployment is especially huge in this election, and because of the rise of COVID-19, one ofContinue Reading

On Tuesday, October 13th, all Smithtown schools began their first day of live streaming classes for students that are at home, as Smithtown is currently using the hybrid schedule for schooling. All students of these schools during remote days have to attend all of their google meets on time accordingContinue Reading

Amy Coney Barrett is the new name being thrown around due to president Trump’s nomination of her to the Supreme Court. While many know the name now, we have little knowledge of who she actually is. What is her background? What are her values? What is safe to assume thatContinue Reading

Loud tire screeching, kids screaming, and a loud bang was all heard in a Brentwood neighborhood on October 4th. Ashley Thomas-Smith, 34, was the intoxicated driver of the SUV, which included her three kids, caused the car to spin out of control. Moments after, nearby residents came rushing to theContinue Reading

On Wednesday, October 7th, thirteen men were arrested and charged by the FBI with plotting to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. The FBI, along with the Michigan State Police, blocked the attempted kidnapping on Wednesday and arrested the conspirators, and charged them under federal kidnapping laws and a variety ofContinue Reading

President Trump tested positive for Covid-19 days after the Presidential debate. This past weekend, he stayed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment.  While at the medical center, the president’s treatment included a steroid and a five-day course of a broad-spectrum antiviral medication. Dr. Brian Garibaldi told reportersContinue Reading

Since the 8th of September, California has experienced a wildfire that has burned several acres. Around 26 people have died, and nearly 3 million acres have burned since the fire ignited due to a gender reveal of a baby. This wildfire has been Los Angeles’s largest fire, and it’s knownContinue Reading

On Monday, September 21st, New York Police Department officer and Army Reservist, Baimadajie Angwang was detained by the FBI for allegedly working as an illegal agent for the Chinese government. He is accused of providing information about Tibetans living in the United States to unnamed handlers at the Chinese consulateContinue Reading

On September 17, Mark Esper, The United States Secretary Of Defense, announced that Moscow and Beijing have created threats within the country. Russia and China were able to develop satellites with directed-energy weapons. “In space, Moscow and Beijing have turned a once peaceful arena into a warfighting domain.”- Secretary OfContinue Reading