2021 has been anything other than an exciting year for music. With Lil Skies announcing his new album, it sounded like this could either be the beginning of a great year of music or the start of another year of disappointing music. Lil Skies has been an extremely shaky artistContinue Reading

To say we live in chaotic times is an understatement. Our country faces a polarizing presidential election against the intense influence of a deadly pandemic and a national fight against racial injustice.  In 1968, our country also faced a defining presidential election amid a fight for civil rights. The powerfulContinue Reading

Adapt or die is a common saying. The Karate Kid movie franchise did just this. They adapted. On May 2, 2018, they released the sequel and began telling the story of what happened 34 years after the original movie. This sequel called Cobra Kai tells what happened to the charactersContinue Reading

On October 30th of 2020, Trippie Redd released the most controversial album of his career. Overall, Trippie’s lovesick tone, over-sampled beats, a large number of features, and an astounding 26 songs led to this album being loved by about half of its listeners and hated by the other half. TrippieContinue Reading

Four years of college, and another four-five years of medical school, topped with one to two years of residency, and then you’re finally finished with the rigorous curriculum which is the gateway to becoming a saver of numerous lives. Throughout the blood (unironically), sweat, and tears, experiences are experienced, lifeContinue Reading

If you enjoy the 7 horror movie franchise, Wrong Turn, directed by Mike P. Nelson, then you must watch the remake of the 2003 movie. Unlike the other movies, this one is less gory. As usual, teenagers ignore the warnings that stick to the Appalachian Trails, and they begin toContinue Reading

How do you find a good podcast? It seems like an unimaginable feat given that there were over 500,000 podcasts produced on Spotify last year: but take it from me, it is possible! Whenever Spotify recommends something, I usually decline and resume what I was doing before the interruption. However,Continue Reading

Exquisite instrumentals, enchanting vocals, and a melody so beautiful it makes your heart ache. This is the only way to describe Adam Melchor.  Adam Melchor is a folk indie musician from New Jersey. After he graduated from college with an Opera degree, Melchor started writing songs and recording demos inContinue Reading

F-Zero is dying. The Futuristic racing genre as a whole has been releasing fewer and fewer games every year, and the F-Zero franchise in particular, despite defining the futuristic racing genre, has not released a new game since 2004 and that one sold extremely poorly in Japan and was neverContinue Reading

While released to the public nearly three decades ago, the magic of the classic dinosaur sci-fi film lives on today. New viewers continue to be captivated by Jurassic Park. Back in 1993, the movie ignited a motion picture revolution that forever changed the industry. Many are entranced by the dazzling specialContinue Reading