The Presidential Election has finally finished, and it looks like we have a winner…  The matter of whether human rights, socialism, or the welfare of people, or the focus on economy, pro-life, and fixing unemployment is especially huge in this election, and because of the rise of COVID-19, one ofContinue Reading

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  -Mahatma Gandhi Nearly three decades ago, my father, Eliot Finkelstein, set out on a journey in education that would ultimately change the direction of a large, comprehensive High School in New York City. Schools were closing, violence wasContinue Reading

Covid-19 has affected every person on this planet in some shape or form. Additionally, it has affected organizations and teams in many ways. I had the chance to interview a division one athlete, Gianna Edwards. The D1 athlete attending East Carolina University in North Carolina is a college freshman andContinue Reading

How do you find a good podcast? It seems like an unimaginable feat given that there were over 500,000 podcasts produced on Spotify last year: but take it from me, it is possible! Whenever Spotify recommends something, I usually decline and resume what I was doing before the interruption. However,Continue Reading

Exquisite instrumentals, enchanting vocals, and a melody so beautiful it makes your heart ache. This is the only way to describe Adam Melchor.  Adam Melchor is a folk indie musician from New Jersey. After he graduated from college with an Opera degree, Melchor started writing songs and recording demos inContinue Reading

On April 9, 2009, NBC introduced viewers to the hardworking and dedicated civil servant of Pawnee, Indiana: Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. The tv series continued for seven seasons, where viewers follow Ms. Knope’s—as well as her fellow Parks Department staff—journey through local, state, and federal government while alsoContinue Reading