Passion, struggle, and simplicity. These are the emotions that motivate singer/songwriter Brian Fennell. Fennell has captured his modest and minimalist music style effortlessly in his alt-indie solo project SYML. Many people may not have heard the name SYML before, but they will most likely recognize his music from tv soundtracks,Continue Reading

In 2016, the app TikTok blasted off with its popularity. Trends of new dances, music, and challenges influenced thousands of people. A new trend as emerged and this drink has people hooked. Whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona Coffee! Dalgona is known as a Korean candy made with melted sugarContinue Reading

This week, I watched a movie that, in a way, has a lot of relevance to what’s going on right now. It’s a story about two teens who find love in unlikely circumstances. “Five Feet Apart” is a romantic drama that came out in March of 2019. It centers aroundContinue Reading

Technology keeps evolving every day, even now as we speak. Making the daily lives of individuals easier by aiding them in daily actions.  There are side effects contributed to every new invention so of course some would be in technology. Most of the time the side effects are not marketedContinue Reading

You’re sitting at your child’s championship soccer game. It’s a Saturday afternoon, clear skies with a high of 72 degrees, a perfect day to cheer on your child as they play to win the championship trophy. As you’re watching the game, however, you notice that no one is keeping score.Continue Reading

 School districts have spent millions of dollars to bring technology into classrooms, so that the students will be introduced to more and more technology, with the hope that these devices will be a way to increase student learning. Technology is getting better day by day, and more and more schoolsContinue Reading

A fire has been blazing across Australia for months since September of 2019. Towns and communities have completely turned into ash and nearly 20 million acres are burned. More than 2,000 homes have been destroyed. At least 25 people have been reported dead according to multiple sources. The skies haveContinue Reading