In 2016, the app TikTok blasted off with its popularity. Trends of new dances, music, and challenges influenced thousands of people. A new trend as emerged and this drink has people hooked. Whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona Coffee!

Dalgona is known as a Korean candy made with melted sugar and baking soda. This coffee recipe is known to be originated in India as well and is also served in many cafes in Greece. This trend for making this drink has become popular during the coronavirus pandemic.

During myself quarantine, I’ve spent most of my time baking, doing school work, and watching TikToks. Once I came across multiple videos of users making Dalgona Coffee, I knew I needed to try this. More than 50,000 posts were made about this beverage all over social media.

To make the drink you need equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and warm water in a bowl, preferably two tablespoons of each. After this, I whisked all the ingredients together for about 1 minute until the mixture became similar to a mousse-like substance. It was so pleasing to watch as the dark and liquid mixture become light brown and fluffy. Once the coffee was finished, I took a glass and filled it with ice, creamer, and almond milk. Finally, I placed the whipped coffee on top and mixed it into the milk. It was super easy to make and it all came together in less than 3 minutes with a very simple and easy clean up.  At first, I didn’t think this would work; however, it was so sweet and enjoyable. If you’re ever craving sweet coffee, I’d highly recommend trying this drink if you’re a coffee person. I gave the drink to my older sister too and she was shocked by how sweet it tasted.

Speaking of taste, the way I made my milk mixture, it was similar to vanilla ice cream with coffee. It was a pleasing and delicious taste. It was light and airy, with a latte-like mouthfeel.

The only issue I had after making the coffee was the constant stirring. Once I left my drink alone the coffee and the milk were almost separating in the cup. Also, you should not fill your cup with too much ice or your drink will become watered down and have a funny taste.

Despite the minor detail, the coffee tasted amazing. It looked very appetizing and I was glad I decided to try something new during this quarantine. I would highly recommend it to all the coffee lovers. It’s very simple and worth making. A few tips that I would recommend is making sure the water that you mix in is very hot, use a whisk to whip the coffee for better consistency, and increase the amount of ingredients depending on the size of your bowl and how many people you’re serving the drink to. I was very pleased and satisfied with making this drink. It’s different than having your original iced coffee and I’m happy I decided to try something new.

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