Exquisite instrumentals, enchanting vocals, and a melody so beautiful it makes your heart ache. This is the only way to describe Adam Melchor. 

Adam Melchor is a folk indie musician from New Jersey. After he graduated from college with an Opera degree, Melchor started writing songs and recording demos in his car. One day, his friend sent one of his demos to a producer in Los Angeles and ignited his solo career. 

The perfection in Melchor’s songs comes from the simplicity of the music. The modest music allows the lyrics to be the shining point.

His most popular song, “Real Estate,” has over 16 million plays on Spotify. “Real Estate” is full of the sensations that arise with the thought of leaving and saying goodbye to everything you have known. It is the wishful thought of where you are going will be worth the risk. 

Melchor describes “’Real Estate” as embodying the transition of doubt and confusion to hope and self-assurance when following your heart, “I wrote “Real Estate” on one of my first drives from New Jersey to California.” He explains: “This song is the personification of moving; moving to a place where you don’t know what’s going to happen, and moving from a place where you don’t know how much is going to be there if you come back.”

Swooned in by a dreamy melody and nostalgic tones, this song is a soothing gem from Melchor. Bright guitar melodies wave through the track gently while surreal soundscapes wisp and flutter about his layered vocals. It is honest, delicate, and richly crafted to create a relaxing listening experience. 

The Archer EP is a collection of songs featuring Melchor’s warm folk guitar alongside wistful vocals. In the title track, Melchor displays his melodic refrain while painfully remembering a loved one taken too soon. His voice is alive and passionate. Vulnerability is Melchor’s best asset. He transports the listener into his own world, sharing the most inner thoughts and images of his mind.“Brook Revisited,” a surefire acoustic hit, recounts Adam Melchor’s emotional perspective on familiarity, loss, and nostalgia. The song is about Melchor reaching out to an old friend after a mutual friend of theirs passed away. Through his poetic lyrics, we can sense Melchor’s anxiety and passion as he tries to come to terms with reality. Melchor’s tone in this song brings a sense of softness and tranquility that beautifully reflects his thoughts on the unknown and how to move on. 

Recently, Melchor has finally received his long-deserved recognition, producing music with distinguished artists such as Bon Iver and John DeBold of Vampire Weekend. These three collaborated on a new six-song EP, Summer Camp. Additionally, Melchor created a project called Lullaby Hotline, where every Sunday, you can text a number, and he will send you an unreleased song.

Adam Melchor’s calming vocals show his thoughts on victory and conflict, love, and heartbreak.

We are often fed a narrative that music has to be intricate for it to be meaningful. Melchor argues against this; he uses his vulnerability and poetic lyrics to create beautiful songs. His simplicity allows for the emotion of the words to create more meaning than complex instrumentals.

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