Song Review: Jigsaw By Conan Gray

The artist known for the songs Heather, People Watching, and Crush Culture just came out with a new single. Conan Gray released Jigsaw on Jan 21, 2022. This song gives the ideology behind trying to keep yourself in a toxic relationship. The lyrics show the thought of changing yourself in so many ways to have the toxic person keep you around. He even writes in the song about how you may not even like yourself at this point. Gray also told the media that he drew the single’s cover. This song is yet another single and Jigsaw is going to be put on his as of now untitled album that Conan’s fans are hoping to come soon. 

This song has highly emotional lyrics that many listeners can truly relate to. The first verse has lines that describe wanting to change to fit whatever will keep your partner around. He says things such as “If changing my hair would make you care then I’d grab the kitchen scissors and cut myself to slivers for you.” This line shows that many people go to such drastic measures to have people like them. Loads of people constantly hope for others to like them, even people who will not treat them well or give them the respect they deserve. You often have friends telling you that you do not deserve the way these people treat you but for some reason almost every person stays. People tear themselves apart to get their toxic lover to like them back but then blame themselves at the end of the day for basically no reason. This feeling is discussed in another lyric that Conan wrote. He sings “I’ve changed every part of me until the puzzle pieces aren’t me, at all.” Conan is writing about changing so many different parts of your lifestyle such as looks, interests, personality traits, or actions just to get a specific person to like you. This then brings up the question of who you are at that point. You are not who you want to be and you are still not who the toxic person will want because the harsh truth is that nothing will ever be what they want. Conan brings this up in the song by writing “If I made you like me, would I even like myself?” So many of us change to be liked by others who don’t even deserve who we are at all. But after people change to keep the toxicity in their life many do not even like who they are as a person. People change to keep others but lose themselves and forget who they truly are. Conan captures so many difficult expressed feelings in this song.

Conan expressed his own thoughts through multiple ways in this piece. He wrote the song and he also drew the single’s cover. The cover illustrates what appears to be Conan in between a pair of scissors in all black and white. This is addressed in the song in the line “Then I’d grab the kitchen scissors, and cut myself to slivers.” saying that he would change so many parts of him to fit the puzzle of his toxic lover. Conan drawing his own cover was an amazing idea in my opinion because it shows the way that he views the song and it shows the fact that he truly means what he writes in his music and it is from his heart and mind, along with his drawing. This song actually originated from a journal entry that Conan wrote to himself, showing even further that this song is from Conan’s thoughts which can make it even more emotional and meaningful for listeners. 

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