Why Was the Bills vs. Bengals Game Canceled?

On January 2nd, one of the biggest games of the year was going to happen.  The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals were going to play each other.  The Bengals got a touchdown and the Bills had a field goal so the score was 7-3, Bengals.  With 5:58 minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Bills safety, Damar Hamlin collapsed after a tackle from Bengals receiver, Tee Higgens.  Medical staff administered CPR before he was transported by ambulance to University of Cincinnati Medical Center.  He suffered cardiac arrest and was known to be in critical condition.  After the incident, players were left upset and worried for their teammate.  The NFL decided to suspend the game.  As Hamlin was making progress, he asked the doctor “Did we win?”  The doctor responds with “Yes, Damar.  You’ve won the game of life”.  Hamlin was getting treated in Cincinnati for about a week before getting transferred to the Buffalo General Medical Center.  9 days after his cardiac arrest, Hamlin was released from the hospital and went home.  On January 15, the Buffalo Bills played the Miami Dolphins and Hamlin went to go watch the game.

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