Super Bowl LVII

This year’s Super Bowl is the 57th in the history of the Super Bowl, this year’s matchup is between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs in Phoenix, Arizona, the home of the Arizona Cardinals. Both teams had face some struggles to get to this point, but they both found major success during their Super Bowl runs as well.

This season’s Super Bowl will also be the first to feature the best teams in each Conference in terms of record, with two MVP candidates facing off at the quarterback position. Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts for the Eagles. Both teams have high power offenses that will be crucial if they want to win the Super Bowl, but their defenses may turn out to be even more crucial as the Chief’s defense is the weakest park of the team, which could turn out to be a liability. However, the Eagle’s defense is elite and number 1 in the league. But Patty Mahomes of the Chiefs is no stranger to elite defenses as he has beaten almost every team in the league that he’s faced so far into his career. Jalen Hurts on the other hand is only a few years into his professional career and has had his breakout season this year.

Both teams have Super Bowl experience. The Eagles won a few years back over the Patriots and the Chiefs won in 2019 over the 49ers. The Eagle’s most recent Super Bowl had a famous play called “the Philly Special” that helped them secure the win over a now retired Tom Brady, effectively ending the Patriots dynasty. This year’s super bowl will look to start and end a reign over the respective conferences of each team. The KC Chiefs have ruled the American Football Conference ever since Mahomes entered the league as their starting QB and now the Eagles will look to begin their rule over the National Football Conference.

Will the Eagles shock the Super Bowl watchers on Sunday, or will the Chiefs finish what they started? Find out on Sunday, February 12 at 6:30 PM eastern on FOX. 

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